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Supernova's Bassist Gets His Phil

The song wraps up. Gilby takes a bow, throws his pick into the drum kit, and heads back to the judges' dais, where Jason is looking a little embarrassed. Dave comments that every time a member of Supernova takes the stage, the Supernovices take it to the next level. Jill gushes that it felt great. She certainly felt enough of Gilby. Speaking of which, her victim points out that he didn't care for the grinding. "As soon as you did it, I left." He gives a little lecture that women in music are using sex, but Jill doesn't need to do that. Dilana is up and paying silent homage to Gilby, even as he adds, "It's cheap, and it's weak." Dude. But, Jill, he did mention that he has a daughter, and it's not outside the realm of possibility that that daughter has a mom who's watching at home. Something to keep in mind. Dave tells Jill that it's a matter of opinion: "If this were my band, we'd be grinding for hours on end." Jill seems to think that might be preferable anyway, with a partner who isn't tall enough to block her sun.

Shut up, Phil's outfit. His tight, low-necked t-shirt doesn't change the fact that he's also wearing pair of brown old-man slacks as he waits through Brooke's introduction. He takes the stage to sing "One Headlight" by the Wallflowers. He's doing his new Phil thing, which is to say his old Phil thing but with a lot less wobbling and a lot more glaring. Jason looks unimpressed. So does Tommy. Phil works the stage with about as much intensity as one can muster on a song this mellow, sharing his microphone with Jim the Rhythm Guitarist on the second chorus. Then he's done, and the other Supernovices clap politely, except for Lukas, who claps rudely. I don't know how, but he does.

Dave's disappointed: "I just want to make sure that the intensity I saw last week wasn't just this guy," he says, pointing to Jason. Jason, in turn, is looking at Phil like something that got tangled up in one of his tuning heads. Tommy says that he digs Phil's style, but is starting to wonder if people could deal with that for a ninety-minute concert. Phil calls it his "head-bobble" and explains, "I got a loose neck." Tommy backpedals and tells him not to lose it. Unfortunately, Jason still hates it: "If the wobble is instilled...I'm worried." Hey, George Clooney couldn't even get rid of his while wearing a damn Batsuit. Maybe Phil just needs to do a Steven Soderbergh movie and he'll be fine.

Brooke tries to blow our mind by saying two names together: Dilana and Cyndi Lauper. What's the big? I always assumed they had the same colorist. Anyway, tonight Dilana is singing "Time After Time." She's on a stool at the end of the runway in another colorful Morticia outfit, sitting next to Jim the Rhythm Guitarist, who is accompanying her on acoustic. She sings the first verse all sweetly like Marianne Faithfull or something, but is off her stool and walking around singing to the audience by the first prechorus. Jim also backs her up on vocals during the chorus, and they sound good together. Dilana builds up to a dramatic, full-on roar for the "I will be waiting" line, and then winds it down softly. Jim gets a hug and kiss from her for his trouble. It was good, but like Patrice, Dilana needs to change things up a little more. She really hasn't shown Supernova the godawful, sucky side of her voice yet.

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