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Supernova's Bassist Gets His Phil

Dave calls her "Sweet Dilana" and tells her that whatever she does, he gets chills every time. Tommy calls her "enchanting," which is not a word I ever imagined him using. Jason gives props to Jim, calling it a "duet," which is overstating the case a bit. Even so, Dilana makes the classy move of leading him out for his own bow. Which is probably totally calculated, but I don't even care. She then stands in Brooke's shadow for another voting spiel. This is probably the first time many viewers actually listen to Brooke tonight.

I think that one obstacle Josh has that nobody talks about is all the damn fidgeting he does before every performance. If they don't pick him as lead singer, Supernova can hook up wires to him to power their amps. Tonight, he's singing "No Rain." And come on, how you gonna rock that up? It's about one step up from a novelty song. Josh might as well come out in a bee suit. He does his best, though. The guitars are louder than on the original, and Josh wisely avoids the deadly Hoon Croon. The line "speak my point of view" is one he infuses with particular meaning. The lighting designers don't help, backing him up with some hippie-looking blue and green lights. Jason scowls and shakes his head, Josh sings some more, the band does a little stop so the audience can sing an "oh-oh-oh-oh," and Jason sighs like he's got heartburn.

Once Josh is done, Dave informs him that he escaped elimination last week, "Literally by the skin of your teeth." I guess Dave was fairly privy to that discussion, but "literally?" Ew, I'd hate to be Josh's dentist. Now Dave says that Josh is back where he started. Josh fails to suppress a frustrated eye-roll. Tommy tells Josh, "That was a fairly challenging song for a Mr. Soul Man." Josh confesses that he misses his soul, and has been trying to repress it, which I imagine is probably as successful as those church programs for "fixing" gay people (less likely to end in suicide, of course). But now, after listening to Supernova's music, Josh thinks that that there are elements of soul and blues in it. Does Josh do yoga? Because damn, that boy can stretch. He asks the guys to be open-minded. Gilby agrees with Josh to a point, but he wants to see "How [Josh's] going to bridge that." "Right on," Josh non-answers. I'm totally trying that in my next job interview. "Tell me about a difficult situation you had to deal with at your last position." "Right on."

You know who they won't be asking that question? Storm. Brooke's introduction uses the phrase "crash your hard drives," and I feel kind of dirty. She's doing "Anything Anything" by Dramarama tonight, and according to the webisode, that's primarily by default because she's the only one of the Supernovices who knows it. I'm normally not a big fan of the kamikaze karaoke side of this show, but it pays off here. It's a fast song, and she sings the hell out of it, as she does. More crazy-eyes and lower-range belting from Storm. I am looking forward to hearing her do a song by a woman at some point. Or a slow song. Actually, I'd go as far as to say that the criticism that they gave Patrice also applies to Storm: they both do more or less the same thing each week, but the difference is that Storm's so much more energetic you don't notice as much. Until you sit down to recap it, of course. There is one big change tonight, though. At the end she's out at the tip of the runway, and she tosses her cordless microphone over her shoulder. It hits the stage before the sound booth guys can turn it off, but before we can be too distracted by the thump, she is off the stage, headfirst. Which is awesome, at first. But then you notice that amazingly, this is the one time that the front rows are packed with burly college guys instead of their girlfriends, which suggests to me that this was planned. Girlfriend is 5' 10" and athletic, and you just know that the usual complement of front-row babes would have gone completely Red Sea on her ass. Instead of belly-flopping on the floor, though, she's safely set back on her feet. Seriously, those guys have to be plants. One of them has a bald spot, for God's sake. The other Supernovices leap to their feet as if this is all real, which, for all they probably know, it might be. And to give credit where it's due, it takes more than one kind of courage to stage-dive in a miniskirt.

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