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Supernova's Bassist Gets His Phil

Once Storm gets a high-five from one of the CBS grips and hoists herself back onto the stage, Dave not only compliments the move, but tells her, "You commanded attention, and that's what a great singer does." Tommy asks the audience, "Can I get a 'hell, yeah'?" He gets several hundred of them. He compliments Storm on her excellent diving form, even getting up to do a little Grag Louganis pose. "Thanks, coach," Storm quips. Jason says what he always says to Storm, which in this case is that it's always "turbocharged." Brooke goes ahead and opens up the voting.

When we get back, Brooke claims that initial voting numbers are "staggering." She's got the initial bottom three -- or at least the screen does. The names? Josh, Jill, and Zayra. In no particular order, as always. Just once, Brooke needs to say that the names are listed "in order of suckiness."


Brooke would have us believe that voting was up another 15% from last week. She doesn't say how many of those are accounted for by Josh and Jill fans once they saw their favorites were in danger. I'm not saying anything about Zayra fans, because her fans are all members of Supernova and therefore probably don't vote. Brooke introduces the Supernovices, as well as Supernova, and tonight Tommy is described to be "the man rumored to have the biggest hatchet in Hollywood." He's also still not happy with his haircut, because he is behatted again; this time with a baseball cap in "locked" position and a red hoodie under his outer shirt, just in case the temperature in L.A. suddenly plunges below the 100 mark. She introduces Dave, explains how elimination shows work, and rolls a recap of last night's episode. Which I'm not about to recap. That's a rabbit hole from which I may never emerge.

At the end of four minutes' worth of previouslies, Tommy tells Storm, "A-plus on the stage diving. God, we needed that." Tommy asks Storm whether it was her first time. "No," Storm says saucily, "but I can make it look like it was." Everybody hoots like she just said something really naughty. I have no idea what that even means. Of course, Storm would sound naughty reading us her lease.

Dave wants to revisit his discussion from last night with Patrice. He's claiming that what he said to her last night was directed at all the Supernovices. Over thirteen weeks, they need to show different sides of themselves, "otherwise it gets a little boring and tedious." Patrice says that she gets it. She also tells him that she's seen him with Jane's Addiction, the Chili Peppers, and Panic Channel, and that all she was saying last night is that he's "consistent." Right. Now that she's had a day to figure out how to turn sass into sucking up. They now even claim to be fans of one another, and Dave says once again that he and the guys are just trying to help.

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