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Supernova's Bassist Gets His Phil

Speaking of which, Dave now turns to Zayra and asks where she got last night's outfit. "I got it out of your wardrobe," Zayra cracks. Oh, whatever. You just know that Dave's is purple. Gilby lies that Zayra is "entertaining" (and I agree, in the sense that the Star Wars Kid was entertaining), but he wants to know when the pop stops and the rock starts with her. She says that music is anything you want it to be, and maybe it's a good thing that she's different. Applause. Gilby's down with that, and asks when Zayra's going to pick an actual rock song and show what she can do with that. Clearly, Gilby has not been having the same nightmares about week two that I have. Zayra says that she plans to do just that next week. Instead of remarking on the slim chances of Zayra being here next week, Gilby claps happily. Dammit, is he turning on me, too?

Jason wants to talk to Phil: "What should we do about you, man? Is that all there is?" Wow, that's direct. Phil takes the question at face value and says that they should let him hang out a while longer. And then he says that he gets "frustrated" that two-thirds of each week's list is basically wuss rock. This is Jason's chance to say that the band doesn't pick the songs for the competition, if they don't, and if he cares to point that out, but he doesn't. Instead, Jason says that they're more worried about Phil's stage presence. Dave remarks that last night, Dana and Dilana did totally stripped-back but still intense performances. Phil lets it go, even though he doesn't want to, and resolves to invest in some eye makeup. Dave exaggerates that all the Supernovices can sing, or they wouldn't be here. What they're looking for now is "presentation" and "intensity." At this point, I'd be satisfied if all the Supernovices could bring more "lack of migraine-causing."

Back to Brooke, who introduces the clips from last night's post-performance at the Mansion. The Supernovices toast Storm's stage dive and sit down to dinner. "Jill, you can grind me any time," Ryan says. That's all the opening Jill needs to start bitching about the feedback she got. She interviews that Gilby is just used to being onstage with Axl Rose, which is a "completely different dynamic than having a woman up there." Because I just bet Axl is all about respecting people's personal space. Back at the table, Ryan keeps egging her on, and she's saying that she was "in a moment." Jill interviews that she doesn't take it back.

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