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There, See how quick that was? Jill, Zayra, and Chris are standing behind the Nut Gallery, in ascending order of height. Brooke gives her spiel that the bottom three changed, and one other person was in the bottom three at some point. Only one? That suggests to me that they're not making it all up, at least. This week, the fourth member of the bottom four is Jenny. "Which means that the ten of you sitting are safe for another week," Brooke says. She tells the bottom four that she's going to call the bottom three one by one, and they'll each have to sing another song for Supernova. Isn't it great how every week, we get to hear the worst singers twice?

And the first bottom three Supernovice is Jill. This week, instead of crossing downstage, they're cutting through the audience to get from the Nut Gallery to the end of the runway where Brooke is standing. Once Jill takes her place beneath Brooke, they roll a clip of last night's Jill performance, and the ensuing comments from the judges. Click back a few pages if you need to be reminded. Back from the clip, Tommy tells Jill she looks great tonight (and she does look nice, not in costume or anything), and asks her what she's going to sing after last night's screaming. Jill says she's going to do "Bring Me to Life" by Evanescence. When Tommy asks why, she verbosely waxes that it's a dark and heavy song, but with a melody that will let her show a different side of her voice. Tommy gives her the green light.

Remember how Zayra did this song last week? This is better. Jill plays it straight and safe, but she's got a big enough voice to do it without all the theatrics. Lots of close-ups of Supernova conferring, and even more close-ups of Zayra looking pissed. This is, you'll recall, the second time in as many nights that Jill did a song better than Zayra could have. That must get old in a hurry. Jill finishes up on a big note, and her smile says she knows she did good. We'll have to wait until later to hear the judges comments.

Back from commercial, Brooke reads the name of the second person in the bottom three: Zayra. No surprise there. After a clip of her key-challenged performance and her dust-up with the judges that followed, Brooke asks Gilby whether he still stands behind what he said last night. Gilby's actually still laughing. "That was classic," he admits. And then he asks "Zaheeda," as he calls her, if she's surprised to be in the bottom three. She extravagantly claims that she is. But come on, what's she going to say? "I sucked so bad that I expected to be the bottom three?" I don't think so. Gilby says that the upside is that now she gets a chance to do something different and change their minds. Which Zayra plans to do by...singing the exact same song she did last night. Oh, dear, no. I guess she really is surprised to be here. Or just lazy.

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