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Actually, this second performance is really not as bad as last night. Zayra's had enough time to actually find the key by now. She also hits a lot more of the actual notes, which detracts less from the arrangement, and except for one scream on the first chorus, she has herself a little more under control. It's a more confident performance in general. Gilby laughs openly at her spastic dancing during the guitar solo. This time she ends with a pant instead of a kiss, and Jason's on his feet again. I find his Zayra-goggles tiresome. But then most of the Nut Gallery is giving her a standing O as well. Maybe she sounds a lot better if you're there. Commercials.

Now that Jill and Zayra are finished and standing over on stage left, only Chris and Jenny remain in the bottom four. And nice job with the suspense there. I'd be much more likely to believe that Jill escaped the bottom three than Chris. Maybe there was some doubt in some people's minds, as long as those people were Chris. Anyway, after about a minute, Brooke says Jenny's name. One person starts clapping maniacally, and Brooke tells her she's safe. While Patrice hugs Jenny like they both just dodged a meteor, Chris heads over to the stage and remarks, "I'm starting to get used to this walk." Don't worry, Chris, it can't happen every week. Brooke has them roll a short clip of his performance, followed by his discussion with the judges. Once that's over, Jason tells Chris that he appreciates the way Chris is handling things and setting a good example for the rest of the Supernovices. Because if there's one thing rock & roll is about, it's setting a good example. As far as tonight's song, Chris tells him that since the guys want to see the real him, he's going to strip down. Ew, not like that, you screaming pervs in the audience! What he means is that he's going to do an acoustic version of "If You Could Only See," the song that Phil did last night. Jason tells him that's a good idea, and cuts him loose.

The band's lined up on the stage behind Chris like they were with Toby on his acoustic performance last week. Interesting that Chris's method of showing us the "real Chris" is to copy both Phil and Toby. The song starts, and he's a lot less obnoxious at lower volume, although his pitch and inflection still aren't great. Of course, he's got a big hole to dig out of, so maybe I'd appreciate this more if I weren't aware of how much sucking he's done before. The judges are blatantly talking to each other throughout the whole performance, right to the end. I guess he gave Jill a pretty good run for "most improved."

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