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Clips from last night: Magni kicked it off with "My Generation" and got props from Jason; Dilana did "Ring of Fire" and got props from everyone; Toby wrapped it up with "Somebody Told Me" and got more props than the World War II Air Force. Zayra "You Really Got Me," and Gilby told her she really doesn't get it. She sassed back. Chris did "Take Me Out," and got dissed by Dave, but disguised his sass as eagerness to learn. Jill gave Jason a headache with her Courtney Love headache, and then denied ripping her off when Dave tried to call her on it. Lukas growled a Coldplay tune, and Jason told him to be careful with his voice.

Then, back at the mansion, the Supernovices "reeled" from their feedback over dinner. According to the editing, Lukas is the first to complain, saying that he's been singing the way Jason told him not to all his life: "My voice is not his voice." We don't see anyone asking him who he thinks will be in the bottom three this week. And then Lukas reiterates his position in an interview. Perhaps next week when he sings he'll decide to abandon the House Band entirely in favor of being backed by a tiny little violin. Jill admits to her tablemates and to the interview camera that she got pissed off at the comments she received. "I thought of things that I really wanted to say," she says to the interview camera, "And it was too late." Isn't that just always the way? Toby Aussies that he's going to act on whatever advice they gave him: "I'm not gonna be pigheaded and go, 'I'm not changing for no one,' because we're here to learn." Thanks for the lecture, Mr. Humble. It would mean more if he'd gotten any advice beyond "Dude, you rock," though. Not that anyone points that out. Out by the pool, Chris has buttonholed poor Dilana, complaining to her and to the interview camera that he still doesn't get what Dave was trying to say.

Back at the studio, Brooke tells the Supernovices that "I love that you're expressing yourselves." I'm sure they're relieved to hear it. Brooke asks what Dave thinks of what they just saw. Dave's answer is to ask Chris a question: "What didn't I say that you were looking for me to say to you?" They hash out the whole conversation from last night again, and Chris now says that he's had a chance to let it soak in, and he's going to "bust my ass" to get better every week. "Right on," Dave tells him. And now they're BFF again. Gilby asks Zayra whether she thinks it's important to be familiar with their music. She hairsplits that she said she'd heard of their music, which is different from Gilby's question as to whether she owned any of their records. Gilby's question stands, though, so Zayra starts babbling, and is there any worse place in the universe than an American reality show for someone who's kind of still learning English? She calls the Supernovans a "description of a decade" and "worldwide domination," saying that she admires them, and hopes that they'll give her a chance. Gilby says that they're looking for a good fit, which is why it's important to have a singer who's familiar with their style of music. Zayra reminds Gilby that she's from Puerto Rico, where they couldn't get full albums and had to make do with 45s. Gilby shuts up, feeling like an ass for giving a hard time to somebody who he suddenly sees as a poverty-stricken third-worlder. Over cheers of approval for Zayra, Dave jokingly explains what a 45 is: "Back then, it was known as a 'record.' They don't make 'em any more." Tommy clarifies, "45 revolutions per second" (emphasis mine). Dave tells him that he's exactly right. How soon they forget.

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