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Will Success Spoil Dilana?

Oh, dear, here's Dilana, whose mouth hasn't gotten her in enough trouble already tonight. She tells Jamie from the radio station that she wants to strangle Lukas at least once every day. Jamie asks her to elaborate, and Dilana is only too happy to keep digging, saying Lukas seems like two different people, and she often wants to "punch his lights out." Does Dilana think nobody's ever going to see or hear this?

Cut to Lukas getting his own turn with Jamie, who tells him what "people" have been saying about him. Lukas hides his irritation (poorly) with a smile as he asks who she's referring to. Jamie says, "I think Dilana wants to save you." Lukas's eyebrows twitch in surprise as Jamie continues selling out Dilana. "Tell her to mind her own business," Lukas finally responds quietly. The auditorium crowd cheers. Later, Lukas tells us that he thinks Dilana's comments are "uncalled-for and cheap."

And then we see Dilana talking herself into yet more trouble to the In Touch guy, claiming to know who's serious about the competition. "Let's name those people right now," Dickson responds, hardly believing his luck. Dilana immediately gives up Toby and Magni. And then Dilana sits by the pool later, telling us, "It's a hard thing to answer, but at the end of the day, I keep saying to myself, 'still a contest.'" Which she thinks she can win by transparently sandbagging everyone else, it seems.

Back in the auditorium, the audience "whoas" ominously at Dilana, who just sits there shaking her head. Dave is basically spluttering in disbelief. "What the hell are you thinking?" he demands of Dilana. He says that she's been doing well performance-wise. Dilana says nothing. Dave tells her, "Take it from me...I've made this mistakes before and I paid for them. You never bag on your peers like that." Dilana sits and takes it, but makes it worse when she takes up in her own defense. She claims that what she said to Jamie was that she sees herself and Lukas as being similar to each other, with similar upbringings, and she wants to take him under his wing like a mother dove. I'm not making that up. Lukas grumps, "I don't need a dove, by the way. I don't need a dove or a wing." Dilana says that she's sorry, but she cares about Lukas. Lukas still looks unimpressed. Dilana says that she's not a professional; she screwed up, she apologized to everyone she offended, and she's going to learn from it. "Fair enough," Dave concedes over a few scattered cheers and applause in Dilana's support. But he still wants to know why Dilana said those things in the first place. "I'm too honest," Dilana says, straight-faced. "I don't know how to lie." Oh, great. She's already apologized to everyone for what she said, and tonight when they get back to the Mansion she's going to have to apologize again for meaning it. Dave asks for Lukas's reaction. He says he's not surprised, and that he has to live with it, literally. "I'm bigger than that, man," he concludes. Quite an impressive feat on Dilana's part, making Lukas look like the model of tact and discretion. Dave warns them all to develop thick skins, because criticism is going to be coming at them from all sides. "The four of us, dude? We walk around with legitimate targets on our backs." At least he admits they're legitimate. And the Supernovices won't be immune: "Whoever wins this thing is going to be a lead singer who won a reality show." Thanks for putting that in perspective. Interesting that Supernova basically sat that whole lecture out. Probably because they don't want Dilana bitching about them next.

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