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Coming back, Brooke asks Gilby whetherSupernova has made a decision. For some reason, the editors keep the whole twenty seconds or so during which Gilby belatedly realizes he's on, grabs his microphone, and collects his thoughts. Patrice is the first one he addresses, saying that he's glad she got to play her song for the world. But being in the bottom three four times is hard for them to ignore. To Magni, Gilby ominously says, "Two weeks in a row in the bottom three." Magni says off-mic that it sucks, as Gilby concedes that Magni's performance tonight was "killer." To Toby, Gilby says that they obviously thought he was good enough to sing their song today. "To us, it's insane that you're in the bottom three." Dude, there's only seven of them left. Almost half of them were going to be there. Gilby warns Toby to think about what got him in the bottom three, but he can do his thinking back in the Nut Gallery, because he's safe. That leaves Tommy facing Magni and Patrice. "Chop chop," Patrice says quietly, which could either mean "do your thing, hatchet man," or "get it over with already." Probably both. Tommy looks pained, barely able to look at Patrice as he says that they have to listen to the fans that buy their tickets. All ten of them. He even buries his face in his lap to say, "You're the next to go." Patrice doesn't look any more surprised than the rest of us as Magni gives her a hug and returns to the Nut Gallery. Patrice raises her arms triumphantly on the spot of shame, and gets a loud cheer from everyone in the room. Patrice's farewell speech is short and sweet. She says that she's a fan of the band, and this is near the top of the "list of amazing things I've done in my life." Dave all but hits a button that opens the trap door she's standing on.

Brooke does some lightning-quick math and says that with the ninth Supernovice gone and only six left, next week should be pretty intense. Also, it's "viewer's choice week," in which we get to vote on what each contestant sings. In case you care. Looks like it's all songs that have already been sung this season, and no write-ins. I think we could have had some fun with that.

Post-eviction interviews: Magni claims that he has no problem being in the bottom three. Got used to that in a hurry, did we? He says they'll all miss Patrice, just like they miss everyone. Well, except Zayra. Toby claims that it was exciting to be in the bottom three, especially after getting to sing with Supernova. That does make him the first Supernovice to sing twice in one night. And he says that this week he's going to focus on doing an original. Is that one of the viewers' choice options?

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