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As you recall, Ryan's got tonight's second original song, and Brooke promises his "trademark intensity" for his tune, "The Back Of Your Car." Like Patrice, Ryan is also playing guitar with the House Band. Counting Zayra last week, we're three for three on that. Which is interesting to me, because my old band had two guitarist/vocalist/songwriters, and they always seemed to end up playing rhythm guitar on the songs they wrote while the other played lead, just because that's how they taught it to the rest of us. Not that that's interesting to anyone else, except maybe my old bandmates. Hi, guys!

Ryan starts out on the drum riser for a portentous little alarm-bell guitar intro, then leaps off as the song goes into full swing. It's a fast song in a minor key, and Ryan's voice sounds strong on it, as it always has recently. He stops playing and pushes the guitar back while singing the first verse, which seems to be about undressing. The chorus has lots of "whoa whoa"s for the House Band and lots of chances for Ryan to go back to beating the hell out of his guitar. Even Gilby's bobbing his head, although his poker face is in place. Dave seems to be digging it, too. After the short bridge, there's a short solo for Rafael, during which Ryan takes off his own guitar and flings it away to land on far stage left. Cut to Magni biting his lip (Dammit! I was totally going to do that!) and Tommy applauding. Ryan finishes up out on the runway, strong but for some ill-advised falsetto screaming. And the crowd goes wild! Dave and the Supernovices give a standing ovation.

After sitting down again, Dave approvingly wonders, "Who the hell is this guy?" He says that Ryan made a good call in fighting for his original: "That's the most rockin' I've seen you." Good thing he didn't try it last week, during acoustic night. Dave adds that losing the guitar was an awesome, if expensive, move. "That's the price to pay to be in a supergroup," Ryan says, instead of pointing out that the axe was a present in the first place. Dave quite seriously asks what happened to Ryan. Ryan deadpans, "I got laid, Dave." Tommy is naturally on his feet for that, even as the rest of the house screams. Dave dubs him "Ryan 'The Dark Horse' Star." Ooh, catchy. Tommy says that was the most comfortable he's ever seen Ryan onstage. Gilby says that Ryan's done well the past few weeks, but this was his best so far. More crowd screaming. Gilby asks if Ryan thinks Supernova could do that song, and Ryan affirms that it would fit them perfectly: "It's about making love while the world is ending. Some people are in church, some people are just screwing." Yeah, I thought that sounded like a '90s song. Even leaving aside the sound of it, the end-times vibe is a dead giveaway. Brooke gives voting instructions for Magni and Ryan, and then says that after the break, Storm's going to do that Aerosmith song that's had her so worried all week.

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