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Will Success Spoil Dilana?

Dave starts by complimenting Dilana on the window treatments protruding from her face. "You kinda look like Bambi," he mocks. "I'll kick Bambi's arse," Dilana grumps back. Gilby tells her, "You're instincts are so good, man." I'm not sure about the instinct that led her to sing her own name, but whatever. In the Nut Gallery, Lukas pouts. Dave says that if this were a nudity contest between her and Toby, Dilana would win. Dilana agrees, then sticks her tongue out at Toby. Put that thing away. Dave flirts that song selection this week will be at his place, "which, incidentally, has a swimming pool." Tommy objects, saying that he's got a pool, too. Rather than pointing out that nobody ever drowned in Dave's pool, Dave says his is Olympic-sized. Tommy gracefully concedes. I'm glad they all agree on how best to sexually harass the contestants. Jason asks why Dilana was "willing to run around the pool nekkid" for this song. Dilana says that she hasn't spoken to her mom in years, and this is her mom's favorite song. Although she might have a new one by now. Dilana says that she has "bittersweet" memories of the song, and says she hopes her mom knows someday that she did it. Jason says the performance did indeed seem heartfelt, and Dave cuts her loose before this goes completely Ya-Ya Sisterhood on us.

Brooke introduces Toby and "his own arrangement of the classic tune, 'Layla.'" Yeah, if Eric Clapton has done it in wildly divergent ways his own self, you're going to have to do something new with it as well. Toby's version starts out with just Rafael playing the signature lead part in a low octave, while Nate the Drummer taps some cymbals and the rest of the House Band sits out. Toby sings the first verse quiet and low from under the hood of his zip-up sweatshirt. After the first chorus, the band stops and then kicks in full-strength, Rafael's guitar screaming out that Clapton lick for all it's worth. Toby gets into the song for real, which we can all relate to. Because, you know, it's about being in love with the wife of your best friend, who happens to be George Harrison, and who among us hasn't been there? Toby shouts out the second verse high and loud while the House Band pounds out the chords. And then, during Rafael's solo, Toby strips off his hoodie, sort of revealing something written on his torso. Shirtless, Toby scrambles over to the Nut Gallery and leads the Supernovices and the audience in a little sing-along over just the drums. "What's that say on his chest?" I lip-read Gilby asking Tommy. Looks like Toby scribbled "EVS" on there in black marker. Toby gets back to the stage by cutting behind the proscenium support on stage right, and leaps off the drum riser for a big, loud ending.

Dave calls Toby "the Thunder from Down Under," like every Australian doesn't get called that every time they come to the U.S. Dave asks what EVS stands for, and Toby explains that it's a catchphrase from Melbourne: "It means 'whatevah.'" Well, that's not exactly triumphant, is it? Dave assures him that it was not a "whatever" performance. Having gotten an overdue reminder that hey, Toby's Australian, Tommy "Hello, mate"s him and asks how he's feeling. "A little bit uncomfortable now the song's finished, but otherwise all right," Toby admits. The other Supernovices crack up. Tommy says that he's sure the ladies loved it. The ladies in the audience scream their agreement. The ones we can hear, at least. Gilby brings up the risk thing he's always going on about, and says that Toby did that changing the arrangement of a classic. He says he didn't care for the arrangement, but that Toby made up for it with the performance. "Amazing," Gilby calls it. I disagree; I thought the arrangement was kind of cool. Toby has to stand topless next to Brooke while she gives the voting spiel before the commercial. How far did he throw that shirt, anyway?

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