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Brooke tells us that Lukas is doing "All These Things That I've Done" by the Killers, and I get all excited because I love this song. Paul the Keyboard Player hits the organ chords that sound like a hymn, and Lukas starts singing the slow intro in his high, clear voice. The band comes in, and Lukas sings the verse in his usual voice. And to Nate the Drummer, for some reason. Jason looks at Lukas thoughtfully. Going into the chorus, Lukas shakes his aviator sunglasses right off his face. He spends the chorus alternately working the front row and the band, and then goes right into the "I've got soul but I'm not a soldier" part. Lukas messes with his hair in the reflection from the mirror-finished guitar Rafael's playing on this song. This part of the song is lacking most of its drama, what with there being no gospel chorus or whatever. Also, this song has one of my favorite bass lines of anything currently out, but Sasha the Bassist, who I usually love, lets me down a little bit. Lukas dances through the ending and finishes up with a last, long, "Hold on."

Dave tells Lukas -- who has retrieved his sunglasses and stuck them on his head -- that he did a great job. Shot of some random guy in the audience, shaking his head and looking pissed. Pretty invested, that random guy. The Supernovices look bored. Tommy pronounces, "Two words: check, please!" And then he tosses his mic on the coffee table. I have no idea what that means. Lukas clearly decides to take it as a compliment, though, if for no other reason than that he's Lukas. Gilby agrees that Lukas did a great job, but wants to know why Lukas is always turning his back to the audience. Lukas says it's because he gets into playing with the House Band. Gilby basically tells him that's fine, but knock it off. Jason just compliments Lukas's energy. Brooke gives Lukas's voting numbers, and opens the voting. Rock the vote! Oh, and Brooke again mentions something about Supernova tickets, in case you care.

Initial bottom three? Patrice, Storm, and Toby. They're making Brooke hold one of those new phones whose commercials I'm so damn sick of on this show, and she's demonstrating how we can use our own phones to download Rock Star-related crap to our tiny little screens and even tinier speakers. Brooke also tells us we can use text messaging to vote on what songs the Supernovices will sing next week, or we can vote on the Rock Star website (find it yourself -- I'm not their pimp). And what about the Supernova ticket thing she's been teasing us with all night? Well, apparently the tickets are already on sale. Okay, that was easy. We even have time for a quick word of thanks for the House Band. Brook doesn't say their last names, but I'm going to, because these guys rule: Paul Mirkovich on keyboards, Jim McGorman on guitar, Rafael Moriera on lead guitar, Sasha Krivtsov on bass, and Nate Morton on drums. Thanks, House Band! As always, you were responsible for an inordinately high percentage of this show's awesomeness.

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