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Who is Jenny Galt?

This is where we'd normally go to commercial, but Brooke's trying a little departure here. Ryan, Josh, and Zayra are still standing, and Brooke tells us that there's one more person in the bottom three. "That person is...going to find out after the break." The Supernovices, still in limbo, react in mock disgust that doesn't have a lot of mock in it. Ryan's maybe realizing that Dana isn't the only one on the wrong show.

Coming back, Brooke tells us that Zayra, Josh, and Ryan "have been stressing long enough." And then she waits about a minute after opening the envelope before she says anything. In the meantime, Zayra looks bored, Ryan is barely staying awake, and between them Josh is just about fidgeting a hole right through the stage. Like the last member of the bottom three is going to be him. Guess what? It's him. Zayra and Ryan are safe. Well, you can't have everything.

Josh comes across the stage and Brooke runs his clip. After that's over, Jason tells Josh that he's surprised to even see him in this position, and calls him a "talented cat." Jason asks Josh why he thinks he's in the bottom three, and it's clearly one of those questions where everyone knows the answer. Even so, Josh declines to give one, preferring to say that he's going to do something "nasty." Namely, "Heart-Shaped Box." Because the covering Nirvana worked out so well for him last night.

This cover is much better, though. Josh has ditched the guitar and the MTV Unplugged vibe, which is an improvement right there. His delivery is better too, as he sings the verse through his teeth rather than crooning in his usual style. But it's the chorus that's a revelation, as a ragged howl rips through the studio. Did you know Josh could or would do that? Doesn't matter, because he isn't. The revelation is that Paul the Keyboard Player is doing that behind Josh, and quite possibly saving Josh's ass for another week in the process. Or maybe Josh is saving himself, once he really gets going. Josh drops to a crouch for the second verse and sells it from then on, working the whole stage and actually bringing some intensity. He closes with a full-on screech that he's been saving until the end. The crowd, the Supernovices, and the judges seem to dig it in a big way. Brooke tells us that after one last commercial, Jenny gets sent home. Although she doesn't actually say Jenny's name.

Josh, Dana, and Jenny are waiting at the end of the runway when Brooke brings us back and ands things over to the "Hatchet Man." There's some tedious business with Tommy's imaginary hatchet that I'm not even going into, and then Gilby does his rundown of the final three. Gilby starts out by telling Jenny's whole arc this far. As for tonight, he liked her performance, but they aren't sure the vocals are right for them. Duh. Dana is told that she has a great attitude, and that "You really brought the house down." Cheers all around, but Gilby says that they still aren't sure Dana has what it takes. As for Josh -- more cheers -- Gilby says that Josh is a talented singer, but he still doesn't understand why it took so long to "bring the rock." To his credit, Josh doesn't try to claim that his Creed song last week was rock, although you can totally tell he wants to. And Gilby turns it over to the Hatchet Man.

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