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Who is Jenny Galt?

Tommy does his Hatchet Man bit again, then tells the bottom three, "This sucks." He says that it gets harder every week, but someone has to go and he has to look out for the band. He says that there were "three okay performances," and after a dramatic pause, tells Dana, "You rocked it." He says he's looking forward to seeing more of her, but not in the way he said it to Storm. Dana returns to the Nut Gallery, leaving Josh and Jenny alone. Tommy hums the Jaws theme, then claims, "I hate this." You know what else gets harder every week? Believing that. Josh says he hates it, too. Tommy says Jenny's name, then lets her twist before finally saying, "You gotta go." What happened to "didn't cut it?" Did someone decide that's an inappropriate catchphrase for a hatchet man? We see the survivor guilt hit Dana, and Jason gets to his feet to applaud Jenny. He doesn't stay there for long, though, and Gilby isn't clapping at all.

As Dave congratulates Jenny on stepping out of her box tonight, Jenny acknowledges, and says that she's changing as a result of this experience and the comments from the guys. She says that she's learned more in the past three weeks than the whole rest of her life: "I describe it as the best slap in the face I ever got." Then she goes into overshare mode, saying that she's always led a safe life. "Safe people, safe job, safe this, and safe that." I feel like I'm talking out of turn just telling you about it. She says that she'll carry the experience through her life, as most of the other Supernovices give her a standing ovation. The judges wonder when their bad-ass rock & roll show turned into a chick movie. Tommy repeats his "no losers" mantra to Jenny. And she's off to say farewell to the remaining twelve. I'm pretty sure Storm tells her "Find me, okay?" That shouldn't be hard. Six letters, Jenny.

Post-eviction interviews: Josh says that being in the bottom three was a necessary experience for him: "I'm going to build my voice back up, feel better, and just kick some ass." Wow, so that scream really took it out of him, huh? Dana feels that tonight was her best performance yet, and she can only get better. She's half right. She calls herself a "rock & roll virgin," and calls the competition "rock & roll boot camp." That's a mixed metaphor right there, but she probably doesn't want her parents to hear her say "rock & roll gangbang" on national television.

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