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Brooke comes back and reminds us that Lukas was "concerned" about his "pop hook." We're about to see how he deals with that. Unsurprisingly, he doesn't. He just leaves the boppy part out entirely, strutting around on the stage in his purple shirt, black suit and white tie, looking like an overdressed Muppet. He's doing the usual thing with his voice, and then when he gets to the softer part at the bridge, we see why he clings to that method; his non-gravelly voice isn't really all that strong or even controlled. Also, he needs to be careful with his wardrobe choices, because the outfit and the height and the moves just combined to evoke for me not Mick Jagger, but Duckie lip-syncing "Try a Little Tenderness" in Pretty in Pink. Not that that wasn't awesome in its own way, but I don't think it's what Supernova is looking for. I could be wrong, of course. When Lukas is done, Dave brings it honest-style: "I gotta tell you, watching you perform, you really come off kinda arrogant." Both Lukas and Storm and the audience are like, "Oooh...." But it's another one of Dave's fake-outs: "And that's absolutely awesome. You gotta be!" Oh, man, don't encourage him. Tommy tells him, "You're raising the bar, and I'm pulling up a barstool." Did he hire a writer or something? Gilby says that if they ever covered a Stones tune, that's how they'd do it. Well, not if they pick Dana, I bet.

Jill ended up with "All Right Now" by Free, which is such a generic bar band song, and which could not seem more in her comfort zone. Not really much to say about it, except that she's really careful about placing her microphone stand downstage, and even more careful about kicking it over so it doesn't fall off the runway and hit anyone. Jason applauds and nods approvingly, because liability lawsuits are so not rock & roll. Anyway, she sounds great. Dave says it's much better than last week. Tommy sings Jill's name, and she sings his right back. "I am definitely all right now," Tommy says in a way that suggests he needs to have a cigarette and change his pants. Gilby says that this is the first time he could imagine Supernova behind her. Jill says that's great, without asking about the other three times she's been up.

Brooke introduces Ryan, who's in the wings in a short-sleeved black shirt and black tie, which means he's probably doing something punkish or new wave. But since it's Ryan, it means he's doing CCR. Still not quite getting it, are we, Ryan? He comes out and starts singing "Fortunate Son," and his voice is the best I've heard it -- big, loud and powerful. Unfortunately, he hangs out behind the microphone stand for the first verse, first chorus, and second verse, and doesn't even let go of it for the second chorus. It's not until the end that he makes it out onto the runway. Tommy remarks, "It's obvious you can sing, but I was wondering if you had duct tape stuck to your shoes." Gilby adds that Ryan looks uncomfortable when he performs and asks, "Are you having any fun?" Fortunately, Ryan's programmer patched in a "smile" subroutine for this very moment. He admits that he's heard he doesn't smile enough, so he gives the camera his best attempt at a sunny grin. Even so, there's not exactly a sparkly-toothed "ding," if you know what I mean. Pity laugh from the audience. Ryan tries to hold up the smile as he stands next to Brooke, but his cheeks just get so tired and her voting spiel is so long. Brooke reminds us that a member of Supernova is still going to play at some point.

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