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Coming back, Brooke reminds us that while Tommy dug Phil's performance, Jason had to close his eyes. Cutaway of Jason covering his eyes again. She's in the middle of announcing that Phil's going to cover "White Rabbit" by Jefferson Airplane when Jason stands up, acts like he just had this crazy idea, and says that he's going to play bass on this one. It's a good thing he can play, because his acting is about as convincing as Ty Pennington's. Phil looks thrilled at getting to share the stage with one of his idols because he doesn't realize that this is Jason's way of avoiding having to watch him. Jason runs up to the stage stripped to his Voivod t-shirt, and isn't there some unwritten rule about wearing your own band's shirt? I mean, okay, yes, I've done that, but not onstage. Sasha the House Band bassist hands over his five-string, and Nate the Drummer and Jason start right in, a bit faster than the original. My friend Bitter sings this song to win karaoke contests, and my band had the chance to back her on it at her birthday party one year, as a surprise for her. We had of course rehearsed it without her, and after she sang it with us for the first time our drummer told me, "She sounds way better singing that than you do." Truer words, my friend.

Also better than me? Phil. And it's kind of too bad that Jason's got his eyes on his fretboard instead of on Phil, because our guy has grown some bones since last week. He's stopped moving like he's on the pitching deck of a yacht in a storm, and now looks more like he's standing on solid ground in a storm. Better yet, his singing is strong and powerful, and his singing faces tonight are quite scary. Lots of glaring at the audience through his eyebrows. Pretty much his only misstep is when he tries so sing up close to Jason, and Jason just runs into him and keeps on coming. I'm not sure how Phil avoided being plowed over there. He goes back out to the runway, but then sings from behind Jason again after watching for a moment to make sure it's safe now. The crowd loves it, the Supernovices are on their feet, and Phil knows he did good. Jason makes his way back to the judges' dais, and for some reason is all, "Gilby, how'd I do? How'd I do? How'd I do?" and he's hopping up and down so that Gilby couldn't answer even if he wanted to. Dave dutifully gives Jason his props, but it's Phil time. Jason sits down, still amped. That's probably more validation he ever got from a bandmate than the entire time he was in Metallica. Dave compliments Phil on his intensity, which Phil claims he's been storing up. Dave tells him to use it now. Tommy also likes that Phil "cranked it up a notch," and wants him to "keep turning the knob." Careful, Tommy -- I’m not yet convinced that Phil can go above the eight we just saw. Phil promises to do so anyway. Jason holds out an allegedly shaky hand and tells Phil it was fun. Which reminds Dave that Jason "shadowed" Phil, and it didn't slow Phil down at all. If by "shadowed" you mean "bulldozed."

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