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Back in the studio, Dave remarks that that was the most "direct" we've seen Ryan behave the whole show, and asks him to elaborate. I think Ryan was pretty clear, so Dave's question is clearly disingenuous. Ryan -- sitting right next to Dana in the Nut Gallery, naturally -- says that he's being more honest lately, and doesn't question anyone's talent, but "some people aren't as rock & roll as you might want them to be." Dave pushes a little further, and Ryan says that Dana's performance looked like a pop show. "I want to be on a rock show," Ryan says, "and I'm kind of embarrassed when I see that." The audience "Oooooooohs." Which, yeah, that was pretty rude coming from the guy who's struggling to claw his way to the middle of the pack. Dana says that's Ryan's opinion, and she wishes that he had enough "backbone" to tell her to her face. As Dave loudly yelps "Whoa!" a couple of times, Ryan takes the microphone back from Dana, who really needs to learn how to hold onto things better if she's going to hang with this crowd. He says that he warned Dana against the Bon Jovi song, "And when she didn't want my help, I stopped helping. I wouldn't call that spineless at all." No, it's more juvenile and petty, really. Dave asks how Dana's feeling right now, and she swears that she sees where everybody is coming from after watching her video. "Best thing I could have done," she claims, which doesn't explain why she waited three weeks to watch herself. But now she plans to "knock your teeth in." Dave and the guys appreciate that, and they show them to her one last time.

Now Dave turns to Dilana and asks her why she would help somebody she's competing against. Dilana says that's an easy one. Unless you want to avoid looking like a self-serving ass, of course. She could answer, "Because girlfriend wouldn't be a threat to me in this competition if I gave her my DNA," or "Because I'm just that awesome." She goes with the second one. "I'm a loving, giving person," she explains, and goes on to rack up some points on Ryan as well by saying that when Dana asks for her help she's going to give it, and be honest. Pretty much the only other way to go there would be to say, "I forgot it was a competition." Or perhaps, "I'm deliberately sabotaging her with bad advice." That last probably wouldn't work with Dana sitting right behind her, though. Dave asks what Dilana told Dana, as if we hadn't already heard. "She needs to show us her dirty side," Dilana explains. Dana obligingly makes a Betty Boop face. Jeez, Dana, don't go shocking on us all at once.

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