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Nyah, Nyah, Dilana

Dave remarks that the Supernovices are all friends now, and asks Dilana if it's hard to say goodbye to anyone there. She jokingly shakes her head no, while Ryan kind of seems to have a little trouble passing the mic to her. She finally gets it in hand and rises to her full, unimpressive height to say, "Yes." This cracks everyone up for some reason, but then Dilana has to bring everyone down by saying that "it's like losing a limb. I'm gonna cry today, I know that." Did you hear her say anything about the possibility that she might be the one to go home? Me either. Magni's turn, and Dave asks him how he liked doing the photo shoot for In Touch magazine (see the webisode for more on that). "Wonderful," Magni says. "I hated it." Dave commiserates that it's part of the gig, and Magni is in the middle of some reply about "sitting on my ass for four hours" when Dave interrupts to say something about how sometimes the shoots are on location. "Don't you cut me off, young man!" Magni mock-scolds, and it's mock-on. Dave makes some threatening comment about how he's been claiming all season that he's got no control over the voting or Supernova's choices, but "I lied, sonofabitch!" Everyone has a good laugh as Magni says, "Goodbye!" Oh, those wacky cutups.

Finally, Dave decides less talk and more rock. Or so it would seem, until he brings up the subject of the new Supernova song that's being played tonight. Jason says the song is called "It's On." Creative! Plus that's what the kids are all saying these days. He explains how all the Supernovices got to try out this week's track in the studio just like for the past couple of weeks, but instead of a montage, we simply learn that the "honor" of performing with Supernova this week is being "awarded" to Lukas.

Lukas and Supernova meet onstage, Brooke gives her usual introduction, and Lukas and the guys are off. It's a mid-tempo song, slow enough for Tommy to keep his shirt on again. I hear a guitar playing on the intro, even though Gilby's Flying V is the only one I see on stage and he clearly hasn't started playing it yet. Then the whole band kicks in. Paul is sticking around on keyboards, by the way. Lukas growls his way through the verses, but busts out his "Creep" voice for the long, high notes of the chorus. He's clearly enjoying himself on this song. I'm glad someone is. There's a nice shot where Jason and Gilby pull in close to Lukas, who's positioned right in front of the drum riser, and thus we have all four guys in one frame. Then the song ends, and I have a fresh reason not to buy their album when it comes out. Or to buy concert tickets, which Brooke plugs one more time before going to commercial.

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