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Nyah, Nyah, Dilana

Who's next in the bottom three? Brooke works the pause, then finally says Storm's name. "Yes!" Storm cries, already on her way. "It's you," Brooke says, and I almost wish she would have been doing a fakeout, if only to see Storm have to reverse that momentum. But no, Storm comes all the way over to hug and flirt with Brooke. "You seem so excited!" Gilby obviouses, and Storm obviouses right back, "I get to rock again, dude!" He asks what she's singing, and she says she's doing one of her "most favoritest Beatles songs of all time." Helter Skelter, I think to myself. "'Helter Skelter,'" says Storm. She calls it "one of the first punk rock songs ever written." Thanks for that little music history lesson, Storm. Considering that she's following Ryan's Who song, it's probably wise of her not to mention that Paul McCartney wrote this song in the first place because he felt threatened by The Who.

Storm thanks Ryan for the champagne and starts off the band. And on the opening, she builds just like you're supposed to, but her voice breaks a little on the first real scream. See? What did I say before? She's having a great time, though, finally getting to sing something she actually wants to sing. She works the runway for the first verse and chorus, while the House Band slashes away at their instruments while doing incongruous backup harmonies. After the first chorus, Storm descends into the crowd, asking if they know how to mosh. She reaches the back of the room and climbs the judges' dais, a spot that's getting almost as much use as the runway tonight. She does drop into Tommy's lap at one point, which no one else has done so far. After the second chorus, she warns, "Make some room," and leaps back onto the floor. She regains the stage for the last verse, clearly running low on breath. At the very end, she does a reverse stage dive, flopping on her back onto the waiting hands of the Teamsters below, who quickly deposit her back from whence she came. Amid wild applause, she heads over to stage left, where she gets a hug from Ryan. She's thinking that next time, she's going to plant burly stagehands at every possible stage-diving point in the auditorium.

Back from commercial, Toby, Dilana, and Lukas are still standing. Brooke wastes little time in telling Toby he's safe. That leaves Lukas and Dilana, who even Brooke realizes have never been in the bottom three before, or have even had to stand up before. So which of them is about to give their first bottom three performance? Brooke ratchets up the tension, then tells Dilana, "Welcome to elimination night." Dilana gives a quick goodbye kiss to Lukas, who shrugs and sits his ass down.

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