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Nyah, Nyah, Dilana

As Dilana crosses over to the stage, the audience is clearly unhappy, booing and giving thumbs-downs. It's not entirely clear whether they're booing Dilana or her appearance in the top three. But Tommy, for one, is incredulous at seeing Dilana in the bottom three. "What the hell's going on?" he wonders. Dilana bravely says that she screwed up, but calls this her "redemption." I don't think you can call it that before the fact, though. Otherwise you just sound like a cocky asshole all over again. Tommy asks what she's going to sing, and she says she just thought of the song at the last minute, "because it was so fitting to my situation." It's "Psycho Killer" by Talking Heads, and she's dedicating it to herself. Glad to see she's gotten over that cockiness thing.

Dilana starts out by singing a chorus a capella, and quite prettily. Then the band kicks in, sounding a lot like the original. Dilana sings it well, bouncing up and down a lot and doing considerable ululating. It's going fine until the bridge, when she loses the beat, forgets the verse, and gets completely lost. It's so bad that when she starts singing again, the band pretty much has to come to where she is and find her. But then she finishes up without incident. Nice redemption. And the bottom three walk out to the end of the runway for the judgments, Storm carrying Dilana in her arms. I'm not making that up. Brooke promises a decision after the break, as if one hasn't already been made.

Supernova pretends to huddle some more, as Brooke welcomes us back and turns our attention to Gilby. Gilby's little speech tonight starts with Ryan, saying that he's come so far. "The Ryan that's standing in front of us is not the Ryan that started this competition." He lies that Ryan was great tonight, and that he got one of the best audience receptions so far. "But," Gilby suspenses, "are you right for us?" A few audience members holler yes. To Storm, Gilby mentions that it's her first time in the bottom three, and calls her solid. "But we really haven't seen a lot of growth." Okay, not fair. I mean, (a) Yes we have; (b) "Lack of growth" is not a helpful criticism to someone who's been strong all along. You won't hear them say it to Dilana; and (c) She's almost six foot as it is! To Dilana, he mentions her getting lost during her song. But on the other hand, she's earned a lot of credit with Supernova. And Gilby turns it over to Tommy. Which he doesn't usually do before telling someone they're safe. Hmmm.

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