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Nyah, Nyah, Dilana

"My favorite part of the show," Tommy says with his usual unconvincing sarcasm, before assuring everyone that they did great. He addresses Ryan, saying he wins the "most improved" award. But he's the next to go.

The audience freaks out. In the Nut Gallery, Lukas, Toby and Magni exchange shocked looks, and Storm looks stunned. Dilana just seems kind of bored. Amid all the boos in the house, Tommy actually looks nervous, like he thinks people are about to come up after him.

The ladies return to the Nut Gallery, leaving Ryan to be called one last time by Dave, "Ryan 'The Dark Horse' Star." Can you be a dark horse if you come in sixth? Dave tells Ryan that he's "become a fan" over the past several weeks, and is sorry to see Ryan go. He compliments him for getting better and taking chances every week, and says Ryan will do great out in the big, wide world. Ryan thanks him for that, and gets his chance to give the goodbye speech. Which is short and not particularly sweet. "With me as your singer, I feel like you could have made twenty years of great music, so I'm sorry for that." I am, too. Can you imagine Ryan in twenty years? After all that time jumping off of things, his legs would have completely given out and he'd spend all of their shows rolling his wheelchair from high places. He wishes the guys good luck, and says he's going back to being a solo artist. "I'll see you on the charts, because that's where I'm going to be hanging out." Between leg X-rays, of course. Big cheers from the audience. I guess they feel better now. Dave sends Ryan over to say his goodbyes.

And speaking of eliminated Supernovices, Brooke has an announcement: we're going to get to vote on our [product-placed cell phone] for which ex-Supernovice we want to see come back for an encore during the finale.

Post-eviction interviews: Storm repeats, like we're not tired of hearing it, that she's been ready to give a bottom three performance for a while, just because she loves performing so much. Oh, yeah, and she'll miss Ryan, whom she calls "one of the most driven, talented, songwriters and musicians that I've ever seen." Dilana says that she feels she let her fans down, but plans to keep delivering. She says maybe she'll climb an amplifier of her own, "or do something outrageous." I don't think a lack of outrageousness was her problem this week. Oh, and by the way, this was my hundredth recap. Thanks for not demanding my head from Sars and Wing a long time ago.

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