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The cut on Magni's head is in fact healed enough to be invisible now, as he and the House Band go into the song. Because it's Magni, it sounds a lot like the original. And then he just roars into the chorus, sounding amazing. Then he heads into the audience during the bridge, wading through the crowd toward the judges' dais. Always a good move. Except he goes all the way past it, and looks like he's about to keep going, but thinks better of it and finishes the song standing right next to Supernova. At the end of the song, he hops off and heads back to the stage. And he's got a long walk ahead of him, because everyone in the audience wants to congratulate him.

"That boy can sang!" Dave Idols over the din of the crowd. Magni finally regains the stage, and Dave says he wishes Magni was still there so he could say to his face, "That was killer, dude." Yes, you certainly wouldn't want to have to holler something so deeply personal and intimate across an auditorium full of people. Dave's got nothing to add in terms of advice: "It all kind of comes down to the roll of the dice now." That doesn't look like something Magni wanted to hear. Tommy also liked Magni's journey through the hall, but says he wishes Magni had proceeded "all the way to the back." Yes, apparently there are rows of seats behind the judges. That place might be bigger than it looks on TV. Magni says that he was going to, but realized there was no lighting back there. "I gotta look good," he explains. Gilby says that Magni is always solid, but tonight he gave "that extra something." Hey, he's already spilled his blood in this competition. He's clearly committed.

Back from break, Supernova is standing next to Brooke on the judges' dais as she tries to sell some Supernova concert tickets. Good luck with that, especially with Jason acting like a spazz right at her elbow.

Ryan's pre-interview kicks off with the clip of Dave dubbing him Ryan "The Dark Horse" Star. Ryan admits that he wasn't doing so great early on, but has been doing better and better in recent weeks. And he thinks that if he keeps going at this rate, he could end up winning. Ah, he had me and then he lost me.

Ryan's singing "Clocks" by Coldplay, and he's back behind the baby grand, the site of his greatest early triumph. He starts off softly, in the middle of the song as always, singing the high "ooohs" along with solo piano. The crowd waves its hands obligingly. And then the House Band kicks in, which is Ryan's cue to stand up, send the piano bench flying, and climb right up on top of that Baldwin. He sings the first half of the first verse from up there, then leaps off for the second half. I swear, he's going to break an ankle one of these days. He's not a small man. He works the runway hard through the song, although this isn't his best performance vocally. He does a little Daltrey-twirl with the microphone cable (which makes me sad that it's not cordless, because, "Incoming!"), then suddenly seems to realize that he needs to be on the other end of the stage and back behind that piano right now. So he dashes over, does a hood-slide over the baby grand like Bo Fucking Duke (which cracks up the other Supernovices), and tinkles out the solo piano break. For the coda, he drags himself back up there belly-first, finishes from his knees, then leaps down to the stage again. I hope he knows a good orthopedist.

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