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Nyah, Nyah, Dilana

"Oh my God, it's the Dark Horse!" Dave says, more mockingly than he might intend. He says that it's going to be a tough night, and, indeed, everyone seems to be bringing their A-game this time. Dave compliments Ryan's intensity, and appreciates his willingness to climb the piano. Jason is less complimentary, saying Ryan is strong behind the piano, but when he gets up he tends to "lose the plot." Whatever that means. Dude, it's a rock song, not Berlin Alexanderplatz. Jason is roundly heckled. He interrupts himself to glare up at someone in the balcony behind him, but that's as far as it goes. I kind of hope it's Lars Ulrich up there. As for Gilby, he thought it was a great performance. He likes how Ryan does something different every week, and "There's nothing better than watching an inspired artist perform." Wait, does he mean Ryan?

After another commercial, Brooke -- sitting front and center in the Nut Gallery, while Dilana occupies Storm's vacant seat -- reminds us that another Supernovice will be singing with Supernova tomorrow. Let's hope they do a cover this time. But let's move on to Storm. Brooke reminds us that Storm is singing a song that's already been done twice, "and once again, her stomach is in knots." That brings us to Storm, and her pre-interview segment. During the song assignment meeting, Dilana reads an online comment that the band should be called "SuperStorm." Storm laughs and puts a hand over her face, mortified for every human being in the whole world. I know just how she feels, except for the laughing. Later, she interviews that her voice is very different from Jill's and very, very different from Zayra's (hear, hear). There's a replay of some of the footage where she worried about the song, and then the segment ends with her sitting at the foot of her bed, quietly and uncertainly singing the song to herself. And she's thinking, Thanks a fuckload, FANS.

Brooke tells us that Storm asked Toby to join her onstage (even though Toby's sitting right behind Brooke, so maybe he said no), and sends it over to the stage. The song starts, and it's actually kind of jarring, because where Amy Lee starts soft and high, Storm is soft and at least a full octave below the original, if not two. Then she goes high again as the band starts building to the chorus, to Supernova's apparent approval. When the chorus starts, Toby dashes out and starts singing the Paul McCoy bit, and, alas, completely steals focus. He's not trying to, staying upstage right and everything, but the fact is that Storm has all she can do to just get through this. The lighting guys also try to keep attention on her by footlighting her red dress to the point of transparency. She hits her knees at the end of the runway for the bridge, and lets out a scream before the last chorus, while executing a leap which assures us that yes, she is wearing underwear. She finishes up on a big, high, glory note, and Toby scurries back to the Nut Gallery while she accepts congratulations from the front row. One guy shakes her hand and actually has the nerve to pull her down for a kiss, and I think that guy is lucky not to pull back a stump. He'll probably wake up with one the next morning anyway.

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