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Nyah, Nyah, Dilana

While Toby's still hugging and kissing them each goodbye before they hop back down to the floor, Dave tells Toby that after the job Lukas did on this the first week, he was a little worried. "Me too, bro," Toby readily admits. But Dave says that he "bought it," and appreciated Toby's "crowd interaction." Ah, is that what the kids are calling it these days? Gilby tells Toby that he's having a great night, what with the Storm thing just now and the great performance he just gave. Tommy thinks that "Rebel Yell" correlates with Toby's history of public nudity for some reason. "God bless you," Tommy finishes. God's like, "Eh, not so much." Especially when Tommy adds, "Grab those girls and let's go back to my dressing room." Toby makes a joke about carding them, but they're too busy screaming up at him and holding up their hands -- emblazoned with the triumphant battle-cry "EVS," of course -- to notice. Brooke comes up and makes some bland comment about groupies, then gives the voting spiel for Toby and Storm before going to commercial.

Speaking of which, how is an army of animated scissors on the streets, walking around points-up, anything but scary as fuck?

When we come back, Brooke tells us that Dilana's ready to move on after the rough week she had. And her pre-interview bears this out, as she tells us, "I realized, it's okay." What a relief that she found the generosity to let herself off the hook. There's a hero montage of Dilana's many performances, and then she's in her room, practicing "Mother Mother" while strumming her new Flying V, and also on some steps outside on her acoustic. She interviews that this is her chance to let out all of her emotions from the week. Because she's been the queen of restraint the whole time.

Brooke introduces Dilana, and we see that Dilana's performing with a guitar for the first time. She sings the opening verse slow and pretty, strumming just the chord changes on her Flying V. The band comes in on the prechorus, and after she screams her way through the first chorus, she doffs the guitar and sets it down carefully next to the drum riser. And as much as Tommy wants to see someone smash a guitar, you can't tell me that Magni isn't relieved that he doesn't have to duck and cover again. For the second verse, she climbs up on an amp (all but doubling her height) and drapes one leg over the shoulder of Sasha the Bassist. Then she comes out to the runway for the big finish, during which she's a thrashing mass of Medusa hair waving around so fast that it almost looks like they're playing the footage backward. She finishes, out of breath like she just finished an exhausting therapy session. Which, for her, she kind of did.

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