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Shout-out this week to that other band called Supernova, who recently filed a preliminary injunction to prevent our boys from recording or performing under the name "Supernova." The injunction also has a deadline for a hearing right around mid-September. So we'll see how that works out.


Wearing a purple minidress, Brooke welcomes us to "a stripped-down acoustic hour of Rock Star Supernova, with our string quartet." And there is indeed a string quartet sitting on stage left, sharing the space with an acoustically equipped House Band. The string players all raise their instruments to acknowledge the crowd's applause, except for the cellist. Apparently she hates applause. Brooke introduces the Supernovices. The Nut Gallery looks strangely empty tonight with only eight of them left. We get long close-ups on Magni and Ryan for some reason. Brooke also introduces Supernova and Dave, who is busy shrugging out of his jacket. Of course he doesn't have a shirt on underneath; it's Dave. Brooke asks him what he's doing, and he acts all literal about the concept of "stripped down." Not to be outdone (ever, at anything), Tommy whips off his own t-shirt. Gilby and Jason don't feel like playing that, though. Brooke congratulates Dave on his new album with Panic Channel album dropping "today," and then it's time for the Supernovices' week in review.

We're reminded that Gilby told the Supernovices last week that the ones who survived were going to go with them to Vegas and check out the venue for their debut gig. And then, where we usually get Mansion footage, there's private jet footage, as Supernova and the Supernovices act up in the passenger cabin. And now we see the real reason for last week's double elimination: there wasn't room for nine contestants, even if one of them was Jill.

On the tarmac at McCarran, they're greet by the promoter for the New Year's Eve show. "Let's have some fun," the guy says stiffly. Yeah, good luck with that. Not that we'll ever see him again. The group caravans up the Strip to the Hard Rock, and thence to The Joint, the concert venue on the premises, which Magni describes as "the bomb." We get a quick look at the place. And, I'm sorry, but I've played bigger rooms than that. Ryan calls it "intimate, but it felt like an arena, too, at the same time." He's half right. Jason assembles the Supernovices on the bare stage, and tells them to take it in. Storm imagines it "thick with people, screaming and sweating." With a phalanx of sturdy Teamsters earning union scale at the edge of the stage, one assumes. The group then decamps to the Hard Rock's penthouse suite, which has a hot tub and a bowling alley. Tommy gives his version of a toast: "Put it in fourth gear and pop a wheelie." After that, things get kind of indistinct, with dancing and groupies and Jason all but holding a blotto Toby upright. Looks like someone had one too many Foster's, mate.

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