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Dave then turns to Toby, for whom he has a considerably more shallow compliment: "The people like to see you naked." "I'm sure my father's really proud about that," Toby says apprehensively over the screaming audience. "It has been getting a bit boring around the house," Toby admits. Oh, well then, let me fire that webisode right up! Can't wait! Dave asks what Toby's prepared to do next, and Toby says that he's willing to run down Melrose Avenue naked to get the song he wants next week. I assume Hollywood Boulevard is right out, though.

So on to the big announcement, which is going take all three members of Supernova to make. Jason tells the Supernovices that they usually award the encore at this point (which is not correct; usually at this point we're still rehashing the intra-show drama), but tonight they're doing something different. He hums a little fanfare and turns it over to Gilby, who says that it's been a great season so far, and they realize two things. "First, there's a lot of talent sitting over there," he says, pointing to the Nut Gallery. "Second, we've been sitting on our asses way too long." Dave and the audience heartily agree with this sentiment, and Gilby says, "It's time for us to get up there and play, isn't it?" The crowd goes nuts, like that's what they came to see. Now it's Tommy's turn, who opens with the disclaimer that they certainly aren't declaring a winner at this point (Dilana). "But if we were to get somebody to test out, the question is, who would that be (Dilana)?" The crowd screams any number of answers. But in response, Tommy kicks it over to another video clip.

In the Mansion, we see all of the Supernovices poring over laser-printed copies of a lyric sheet. Then the next day, they all schlep over to Pulse recording studio in L.A., where Gilby and Supernova welcome them, saying that's where they've been recording tracks for the past few months. Butch Walker is nowhere to be seen. Gilby breaks the news that a Supernovice is going to play with them live each week on an original track during the show. "Let's see who it'll be this week."

And then Tommy, behind the drums, counts us off into a skillfully edited montage of all of the Supernovices singing the same song. If you've been watching the show, you're familiar with the tune; it's one of the two that they always have at the beginnings and endings of commercials, specifically the one that sounds to me a little like "Once Bitten, Twice Shy" by Great White. Which kind of sucks for the Supernovices, because this is the same song that they all wrote their own lyrics and melodies to last week, and now here they each have to sing someone else's. We see Patrice singing the first couple of lines live in the recording booth with Supernova, and then Storm sings a couple, then Dilana, then Ryan, seamlessly cut together like a bar-band "We Are The World." Gilby interviews that it was interesting hearing all of the Supernovices, and now they're concentrating on who has the right voice for the music. Toby gives it a try, and Zayra does some screeching. Jason makes me wonder what it is about him that cause his neck to double in size every time he plays. Magni wails a couple of lines, and then Lukas finishes it up, to the sound of cheers in the auditorium. "This is a risky move for us," Gilby interviews. But he's not talking about the injunction; he's merely saying, "it's going to be the first time they ever play onstage, the first time anybody sees this band perform." Afterward, Jason tells the Supernovices that the band had to pick one person (Dilana) for this first week. Gilby reassures them that there will be other opportunities later, and interviews, "It's really going to be who's right for the song (Dilana)."

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