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Brooke calls last night "another massive vote" (which means numbers were down, since she didn't specify an increase), and says that other Supernovices were also in the bottom three during the voting window. The first is Magni. "And Storm," Brooke adds. Storm leaps up to her feet, triumphantly roaring, "Yes!" This is the first time Storm has had to stand during this part of the show, leaving only Lukas and Dilana untouched. "Gotta love the attitude," Brooke ad-libs as Storm and Magni high-five. Brooke asks Dave whether he is surprised to see anyone standing, and Dave says that Magni doesn't deserve to be up. "You sang great, you looked great...there's gotta be some kind of mistake with the calculations here." Careful -- saying that on that other show would probably get you fed to Rupert Murdoch's dingo. Dave also thinks that although he didn't like what Storm did with her song, he thought that she sang it well and should also not be standing. As for the actual bottom three, we'll have to wait through the commercial to find out who they are.

Brooke explains once again how the whole bottom three thing works, which is that if she reads someone's name, that Supernovice has to come over and sing a song of their choice to be judged by Supernova. "And as we learned last week," Brooke cautions, "More than one of you could be packing your bags." Brooke heaves a weary sigh as she reads the first name: Zayra. "They're making you work for this," Brooke observes as Zayra makes her way over. Because we've done this several times, Gilby doesn't waste any time pre-interviewing Zayra; he just asks, "What have you got for us?" Zayra says she's doing a song by one of her favorite bands, Blue October. The song is called "Razor Blade," and she promises to "give it hell out of me." Gilby gives her the go-ahead.

I don't know this song; the only Blue October tune I know is "Hate Me," which is an imperative that I have little difficulty complying with when I hear it. So I can't speak to whether Zayra has done much with the arrangement. All I know is that it starts out with just drums and Sasha the Bassist playing high up on the neck, and it's kind of groovy. Then Zayra starts singing, and it's not a good idea for her to sing fast lyrics, because it just brings out her accent more. And I wonder if I haven't become immune to Zayra, because watching her I was all, "Not bad. Not real bad." And yet I heard Trash laughing her ass off from a completely different floor of our house. That's not a good sign for me as a recapper. Anyway, Zayra sings, does some of her bad dancing, and raises her belted half-length trenchcoat to waggle her leotarded ass at us at one point. And I still don't like Blue October. Again, Jason appreciates Zayra more than anyone. Sit your ass down, dude.

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