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Brooke reminds the remaining standees that none of them has ever been in the bottom three before. Had enough suspense? Brooke opens the envelope and says that it's Magni. Storm looks surprised, confused, and not a little bit disappointed at this development. I can't wait to hear what she sings if she ever ends up in the bottom three, but something tells me I'll have to wait a while. For now, Magni bounds over to stand next to Brooke. Tonight, he's wearing a knit cap pushed high up on his forehead but pulled all the way down over his ears, which may be the least attractive way to wear one of those. Jason asks what Magni's singing, and Magni says that he's doing "Creep" by Radiohead. It's like a tribute to Lukas or something tonight. "It's the anthem of our generation. It's our 'Satisfaction' or something." Careful, there, sparky. You sure you want to remind them of that?

The band goes into it, and it's clear right away that unlike Lukas, Magni is doing a faithful version. He's a little pitchy on the opening line, but quickly finds the key. Going into the chorus, Rafael briefly uses his guitar as a percussion instrument like on the record, and Magni doesn't look back from there. The knit cap gets tossed aside (thank God), and on the line, "What the hell am I doing here," he goes over to stage left for a hug from Patrice and Zayra, which prompts a burst of feedback from his mic and a head-rub from Z. Magni hits the end of the runway for the high, loud notes, which he nails, even as he drops to one knee and thence to a position flat on his back. He stays there for the first line of the final verse, then sits up cross-legged to finish up, quiet and sad with his head down. He stays in character for a few seconds after the last line, even as the crowd screams and cheers, and then shrugs to himself like, That'll work. Kind of endearing, that. Patrice and Zayra join him at the end of the runway as Dilana wipes away tears. Supernova huddles as Brooke sends us to commercial.

Back from the break, Gilby does his usual bottom-three address. He starts with Zayra. "One of our favorite four-letter words is 'risk,'" he claims. He says that Zayra took a risk last night with her original song, and another one tonight with a song they'd never heard of. He tells Patrice that they like her performances, but they have to consider the fact that she keeps ending up in the bottom three. To Magni, he says, "We thought you were great last night and we through you were great today. You are so far from going home. Go sit your ass down." Way to not waste time pretending there was any suspense over Magni, there. He hugs the women and heads back to the Nut Gallery, as Gilby passes it over to Tommy.

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