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"This is clearly my favorite part of the show," Tommy kids, although at this point he kind of seems to be kidding on the square. "Patrice," he says, "we believe you have potential for Supernova. Um, Zayra, unfortunately, you have to go."

Patrice returns to the Nut Gallery as Tommy fixes Zayra with a sympathetic look. For her part, she's smiling back bravely, and good for her. Dave tells her that she's delivered "some of the most compelling performances" in the show's two-season history. True that. I know I would have been compelled to change the channel if I weren't getting paid. He assures her that she'll do fine, and gives her her chance to respond to Supernova. Zayra calls it "the craziest roller coaster I've ever been." She says that Supernova is doing an amazing thing, and starts getting choked up as she says she's proud to be part of it. "No one would believe that I've been here so long. Not even me!" For once, I agree with her. She's bummed about missing the party, but "my heart will be with [Supernova], [the fans], and [the Supernovices]." Well, that was unembarrassing, for once.

Last-Word Newsted assures her that he's one of her biggest fans (yeah, we got that, Captain Obvious), and wishes her luck. Dave cuts her loose to say goodbye to the Nut Gallery. "Bye, world, I'll see you soon!" she threatens. Standing O for Z. Brooke reminds us that if we don't like it, we can vote. And not only that, apparently they're taking song requests for a future show. Brooke explains how we do that, reminds us to watch the webisodes, and announces that the show's going to be on an hour later than usual next Tuesday. Kind of a lot of housekeeping there. You suppose Brooke is out of breath after all that?

Post-eviction interviews. Patrice says she admires and will miss Zayra's "creativity and modern flair." By which she means, "Zayra sucks so much more than I do." She says that if she went home she'd be satisfied, but if she stays, "Then I did a good job." Magni is less philosophical: "Being in the bottom three sucks." But he's proud to have all of Iceland behind him. Oh, come on, you know his bandmates back home are at least hoping a little bit for him to fail.

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