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Then we're back at the Mansion the next day. People are still crashed out at 11:00 AM, which I used to do all the time. Then they're still down at 5:00 PM, which I haven't done as much. Lukas eventually presents himself at song selection, where Toby observes, "You look like I feel." Whatever; it's not like it's unusual for Lukas to be wearing his sunglasses in the house. It's in this sorry condition that they have to pick their songs for the week. Ryan reads a note aloud: "This week, we're stripping it back and going unplugged. Bring your best performance." Magni whines, "I hate hungover song selection." You mean it's happened before? Amazing. Ryan interviews that Gilby is playing again this week, on "Solsbury Hill" by Peter Gabriel. Dilana gets greedy and calls it, but Toby wants it as well. And apparently the negotiations grow somewhat protracted, because we next see a bunch of the Supernovices outside by the pool. And Dilana's telling Toby that she'll let him have the song if, in return, he'll strip naked and run around the pool. Cut immediately to Toby doing exactly that, a blurry spot in hot pursuit, quite literally on his ass. He finishes with a cannonball into the water. Toby interviews that all he cares about is that he got the song, plus he proved that he was serious about getting it. If Dilana was trying to embarrass Toby, something tells me it didn't work.

The other big prize in song selection is, in there with all of the other sheet music, a blank sheet of staff paper. Hey, I recognize that song from the sheet music; wasn't it in Pootie Tang? No, like Dave, I'm being too literal. What it represents is the chance for one Supernovice to perform a song written by him or herself. Zayra's hand goes up immediately. After a considerable pause, Ryan says that he wants it, too. More pausing. "It's between you two, man," Lukas announces mildly. Ryan argues that he needs this because he was in the bottom three last week. Wrong tactic to use on Zayra, who I think has at least stood up every week of this competition. "If that's the reason," she points out correctly, "then I should get it." Zayra interviews that she didn't just want to do it; she had to do it. In the end, her persistence wins out over Ryan's relative uncertainty as to whether he can pull it off. "Good luck," he tells Zayra with a hug. "Can't wait to hear your song." Zayra interviews, "It might be crazy, but I'm also very brave, so I'm going for it."

Back in the auditorium, Brooke asks Dave what he thinks. Dave complains that "the censors got to Tommy and me," which is why they're dressed again. Or perhaps it's because, given that Jason's taken to showing up at the tapings wearing fingerless gloves all the time, it's brisk enough in there that their nipples were threatening to put out one of Brooke's eyes. "How come Toby gets to run around naked and we don't?" Tommy "complains," to widespread screams.

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