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Brooke welcomes us back to "the baddest rock competition on TV." Not exactly a crowded field, mind you. Brooke tries to pump up the drama over Magni, saying that he's been praised for his voice and his stage presence. "But does he have that special something Supernova is looking for?" If that something is a glowing white suit, the phosphor burn on my picture tube says "yes." He's singing "Starman," which is a David Bowie song that I don't know. And yet, even if Brooke hadn't told me it was Bowie, I'd be able to recognize it as such by the way Magni's singing it. By which I mean exactly like Bowie. He's all smooth and everything, even mimicking Bowie's accent as he sings. It's still Magni's voice doing it, which is good, and it's a big improvement over his last Bowie song. He ends strong on the last "la la las," the veins in his skull standing out impressively.

And if I thought Magni was going to get thumped for not making the song more his own, I was wrong. Tommy says hi to Magni, who responds, "Thank you for the last time I met you." He scratches his goatee theatrically and deadpans, "I can't remember anything, but it was fun." Tommy agrees, and tells Magni that he did a good job as always. Gilby agrees, but gets after Magni for not getting the audience to join in on the "la la las." "In the old country, they sing!" Magni protests, so Gilby tells him that we spoiled Americans need to be led. Probably something to that. Jason continues with his habit of turning his comments into interview questions and asks Magni, "Is this the most dressed up you've ever been onstage in your career?" Magni claims it's the most dressed-up he's been in his entire life. Tommy says that he knows you have to rock a look when you go to court. Wisely, Magni just chuckles and leaves that alone. I think they went kind of easy on him there. Clearly, we're at the point in the competition where they're judging not just one night's performances, but how you've been doing in the competition overall.

Speaking of which, here's Patrice. Brooke tells us she's trying to break her bottom-three curse with "Message In A Bottle" by the Police. What's most troubling about Patrice's look is that she learned nothing from Jill's elimination last week, and is now wearing bike shorts of her own. Patrice starts out singing from behind the mic stand upstage, and, for once, she's keeping the smiling to a minimum. She's going for more intensity, trying to build slowly through the first chorus. Alas, two minutes is not a lot of time for building, and the judges are looking pretty bored. On the last verse, she starts working the runway a little more and moving around, leaving the mic stand behind. But it's too little, too late.

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