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Toby wanders out to the end of the runway, getting no love from Gilby because he's already rushing back to the judges' dais. Once he gets there, Dave compliments Toby for going "the extra mile to rock with Gilby." Extra mile? What's Toby packing, anyway? Dave adds that Toby sang well, which is of course beside the point. Toby takes an opportunity to suck up to Dave by complimenting the Panic Channel, which prompts Dave to upgrade Toby's review to "the best performance of the night." Gilby agrees that Toby did a great job with a tough song. Tommy, of course, is all about the nudity. "There is no question in my mind about your commitment," he says. "Welcome!" He almost forgets to compliment Toby's ass, but sneaks it in under the wire while an upstage camera goes in for corroboration. Wow, I guess Dilana really showed him who's boss, huh?

Brooke credits Ryan for introducing the "Mohawk hoodie" to the world. And the world said, "That's dumb." Tonight Ryan's singing "In The Air Tonight" by Phil Collins. He's dressed a little more acceptably, but still dramatically, in a high-collared black jacket with two rows of shiny buttons. Just the thing for brooding on the moors. Appropriately, it's a brooding performance. Ryan's voice continues to sound good, and he's making all kinds of interesting shifts between his sad, "Mad World" voice and his louder, more intense one. Best of all, he stays in one place behind the microphone stand instead of trying to move around and demonstrating what an awkward fellow he is in front of an audience. But of course, the one who really impresses me is Nate the Drummer, who does a better Phil Collins behind the kit than Phil Collins does. Overall, a successful performance.

Dave agrees: "Very dramatic, very intense. For me, the best performance of the night." Close-up of Lukas looking kind of pissed. Dave also wants to give credit to the string section, particularly "the blonde one." Of course he does. Because "the blonde one" does look like she probably goes through a lot of strings. G-strings, to be precise. Gilby says that Ryan's voice cut through nicely, and he appreciates the way Ryan keeps changing it up each week. Jason tells him to keep it up as well. "I want this job, man," Ryan assures them. Then Brooke tries to change up her voting spiel: "If you guys don't know by now, I give up." Hey, I did that weeks ago. She says that after the break, Dilana's going to try to move us to tears. Great, no pressure.

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