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Then it's song selection time, and we are reminded that only Dilana claimed the chance to sing with Gilby. There's a whole recap of last night's episode in general, which, as always, I refuse to meta-recap.

Back at the Mansion after last night, Toby pops open a bottle of champagne in the yard, and Jill dances around in the spray like a first-grader under a lawn sprinkler. After the sun goes down, the women are all hanging out together, and Jill volunteers that everyone was nuts not to take the Gilby song. Storm protests that there's nothing that says they have to. Jill says she thinks people are "afraid to get up. It comes down to how serious you are about playing with the band." Storm points out that Jill could have gone for it herself, and Jill correctly responds that she played with Gilby a couple of weeks ago. "I already got up and I already proved to them, so," she says, which is less correct. Storm jumps on that, saying Jill got "spanked" for her performance. Which is less of a courage issue than the recurring Jill-being-stupid issue, but before we can delve into that, we get a shot of Toby and Lukas watching this from a safe distance. And because no women can ever have a spirited disagreement about anything without some fratty guy making catfight noises, there's an interview bit where Toby does just that. Jill asks why Storm didn't sing with Gilby, and Storm says that it's because she wanted to sing "We Are the Champions." Well, sure, it has a key change. Be fair, Jill. Storm can't say no to a key change. Jill whatevers that that's Storm's choice. And then Storm interviews that she doesn't feel pressured to prove anything to Gilby. "I know I can," she boasts. "He knows I can." More argument footage, and then Zayra interviews that you have to pick the right song for your voice, or else you might as well hang yourself. Well, we can only hope.

Back in the auditorium, Dave exaggerates that that was "interesting viewing" and gives Storm a chance to back down from her bold statement in her interview. She doesn't, of course. Dave asks her what makes her so sure that Gilby knows Storm can share the stage with him. For once, Storm doesn't have an answer. "Good question," she stalls. She finally punts, saying that Gilby knows her history and background. Plus, she adds, "I wouldn't hump you; I'd probably break your back." Unlike Gilby, Jill looks unamused. Gilby says that it's a question of chemistry, and that Dilana showed some guts. Storm doesn't disagree, even though you can tell she'd like to say more. Not that that's ever not true of Storm, as far as I've seen.

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