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Dave turns it over to Tommy, who calls everyone "my little pretties" and comments that Ryan is coming out of his shell. "It's still all me," Ryan asserts. Tommy says that Ryan still seems kind of uncomfortable, which Ryan shrewdly turns around: "Hey, I made Tommy Lee uncomfortable!" And that's the end of that. Ryan's not dressed or made-up the way he was last night, so he's clearly at peace with the possibility that he won't get the encore again this week. That's good.

Now Gilby has an announcement: "For those of you who make it through tonight, you're going to go with us to Vegas." The Supernovices look thrilled, and even the crowd screams like they're invited, too. The ostensible purpose is to check out the venue for Supernova's New Year's Eve debut at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, but God knows what other manner of debauchery they'll be getting up to beyond that. Stee and I once speculated that probably nobody has ever had more fun in Las Vegas than Frank Sinatra, but I'd speculate that Tommy Lee is probably a close second.

Jason says that last night's show was great, which made it tough for them to decide who to give the encore to. So hard, in fact, that they're giving two. The first ("by a nose," Jason emphasizes, because he hates him) is Lukas, who gets up and crosses to the stage, accepting the adulation that he clearly feels is long overdue. "I'm gonna do 'Creep.'" he mutters into the mic with false modesty. "You guys mind?" And then he does it, almost exactly the way he did it last night. If anything, he's even stronger on the high notes. As for the second encore, we'll find out who gets it after the first break.

Commercials. Somebody needs to tell the people making all these movies set in the '70s not to be so faithful to the period hairstyles. Shudder.

Break over! Except it's still a commercial, because Brooke is flogging some "live space" thing, and now there's a contest involved. Not interested. Anyway, on to a much more fascinating subject, which is the open question of who gets tonight's second encore. Before getting to that, Jason backhands Lukas again, reminding him that it was his first encore and grudgingly adding that "you did it right." As for the second encore, they really liked last night's performance, but tonight they need it plugged in and, quote, "Magni-fied." So, Patrice then? No, I'm kidding. Magni heads over to the stage for his second encore of the season, which he's doing without any guitar at all. "I missed you guys," he tells the House Band. He sings the crying dolphins song again, but this time backed by the full band. Presumably his infant son isn't in the audience to be deafened by the racket this evening. In any case, it's good again, and it's different from last night, which is the biggest departure of all from previous encores. This even makes me wonder of Magni didn't unplug last night so his son could be in the room just while he sang. Magni energetically high-fives Nate the Drummer before leaving the stage, like they've never done this song together before and they can't believe they pulled it off. Which might be the case, for all I know.

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