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Bottom three time. Brooke tells us that worldwide voting was up 22% from last week. As always, different Supernovices were in and out of the bottom three during the voting window. I'm really looking forward to seeing what they do if and when the bottom three remains constant throughout. Brooke tells the following contestants to stand up: Jill, Josh, Zayra, Ryan, and Patrice. Brooke asks Dave if he's surprised. Dave says that there are a lot of familiar faces in or near the bottom three, and he's not all that surprised at any of them. "Four of you guys are going to be left," Dave warns the bottom five with uncharacteristic optimism, "and I think it's time for you to crank up the heat." I'd imagine Ryan is feeling a little betrayed about now. Brooke says that she'll open the envelope after the break.

Back from commercial, Brooke says that if she calls a Supernovice's name, that person must join her onstage to sing for Supernova. Brooke reads the first name. " are safe and you're going to Vegas!" Zayra goes from resigned to ecstatic in about half a second. "Finally!" someone says, like Zayra hasn't done this four out of six weeks. The first actual bottom three member is Jill.

Gilby makes the observation that this is Jill's third trip to the bottom three, which is "a little disappointing," even though she's the only Supernovice to have earned that distinction thus far. Gilby obviouses that the previous times, she's saved herself, which would, if you think about it explain why she's still here at all. It makes a crazy kind of sense, almost. Jill says that she's singing "Respect" by Aretha Franklin. She speechifies that she chose it because rock & roll is based on blues. Which makes it kind of sad that when she starts singing the song, her performance is almost completely devoid of blues. She seems uncertain on the difference between "blue" and "blew." The band sounds great, with Paul the Keyboard Player filling in on harmonica for the nonexistent horn section, and Sasha the Bassist funking things up good. Sadly, Jill's less interested in rocking than in bopping around like the captain of the cheerleading squad fronting her rebel boyfriend's garage band.

After Jill's done, Brooke actually gives the name of the second bottom three Supernovice before going to commercial. And it's Josh. He crosses over to join Brooke, who asks Tommy what he thinks. "I'm starting to get a frigging complex, man," Tommy says. "I thought we killed it." It's all about Tommy. Josh agrees with him. Of course; it's not like he's going to say, "Well, I killed it, but you phoned it in, dude." Tommy says that he sort of gets it, given that Josh tethered himself to a guitar for his performance instead of working the stage. So Josh tells him that he's going to play his guitar again right now. Tommy doubtfully asks what Josh has in mind, and Josh says that he's going to sing "Shooting Star" by Bad Company.

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