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Then it's song selection time, with everyone gathered around the table. Dilana holds up the sheet music for "Won't Get Fooled Again" by the Who, which happens to be accompanied by a photo of Gilby from immediately after his performance with Jill, his arms spread wide. "Who Wants Me?" the caption reads. And it's looking like nobody but Dilana does. Toby interviews that he was initially going to go for it, but had second thoughts after what happened to Patrice last week. Dilana expresses amazement that nobody fought her for the song, and we see that that's pretty much what happened. All the other Supernovices were avoiding each other's eyes and everything. Josh, who's becoming quite the expert Supernova-dodger, interviews, "Is it necessarily a good thing to always jump on these songs?" I guess you'll never know. By way of preparation, Dilana stars in her own little phone-music-video-message-downloading commercial, which climaxes with a little video from Gilby in which he congratulates her on getting the song and tells her he looks forward to jamming with her. Almost as much as he looks forward to cashing that big fat check from Verizon.

Back in the auditorium, Brooke asks Dave what he thinks about what we just saw. Dave is quite unimpressed. "What the hell is wrong with you guys?" he demands. He can't believe that nobody wanted to play with Gilby except Dilana. "If it were up to me -- and you guys are lucky it's not -- if it were up to me, Dilana would win this thing right now." Dave, some of us declared Dilana the winner five weeks ago. Try to keep up. "I want to see Dilana and Gilby rock it right now," Dave says. Gilby and Dilana both stand, shedding their jackets, and head over to meet onstage amid a wildly cheering audience.

Brooke introduces Dilana with Gilby Clarke on guitar. The lights go down, except for a spot on Gilby and his guitar, and a few blue lights angling around in a pale imitation of the laser light show on this song in The Kids Are Alright. In an interesting choice, Gilby's playing the synth opening on his guitar, holding stock still in concentration instead of doing the fun part, which is the big, slashing power chords. The guitar has a camera affixed to its head, pointing along the strings so we'll be able to get an extreme close up on his playing. Dilana just glares at the audience, waiting for her entrance. The song's a little slower than usual, which, hey, if you're stuffing a seven-and-a-half-minute song into two minutes, why not take your time? The House Band crashes in and the lights come up. When Dilana starts singing, she hangs back at first, letting Gilby keep the focus. They share the microphone stand on the prechorus, with Gilby singing the higher Townshend part. And just like that, the focus transfers to Dilana (even though she accidentally comes in early on the "Won't get fooled again" line and has to recover quickly). She works the runway, singing in that crazy high register of hers, and there's a short guitar bit. She points to Gilby while singing "Meet the new boss," and then wails clear through the song's sledgehammer ending. Gilby takes position directly behind her for a guitar-hero pose, which is probably the greatest endorsement he could give. They hug, and Gilby makes his way back to the judges' dais. And I know it's probably tough to gauge how loud the crowd actually is on TV, but just judging from the timbre of the racket the audience is making right now, this seems as loud as they've ever been.

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