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Dave tells Dilana, "That didn't look like an audition." He lets her sweat that for a minute, as he does to her every once in a while, then adds, "It looked like a rock show." A very short rock show, with a very short rock star, but still. Dave tells the other Supernovices that it could have been one of them up there. "As if it didn't suck enough to follow Dilana before, now you gotta follow Dilana with Gilby Clarke." Tommy asks how it was playing with Gilby, and Dilana says that's one of the main reasons she picked the song. "I wanna turn around one day and say, 'I played with Gilby Clarke. Oh, he used to play with Guns N' Roses, I think." Except she leaves out the last part. Gilby's critique is brief. "You're a star. After that, I have no doubt that a woman can front our band." Dilana looks thrilled. Reaction shots of Zayra and Patrice, who will not be fronting Supernova, and Storm, who probably won't either. Jason says that this can be added to the "Rock Star: Supernova killer moments list." There's a list? Oh, shit, was I supposed to be keeping track of that? Sorry, dude. Maybe next season.

Brooke reminds us of the "major heat" Jill has taken for her "creative choices." By which she means "dumb decisions." Tonight Jill's singing "Mother Mother" by Traci Bonham, and she starts out sitting on the floor at the end of the runway with the mic in one hand and one of those little percussion shaker thingies in the other. She's kept the black stripes in her hair, which have also spread to her eye area tonight. And she's wearing black bike shorts and boots under her black biker jacket. The only person I've ever seen dressed like that is Corin Nemec in The Stand, which I'm almost certain is not what Jill was going for. After the first verse she tosses the shaker behind her, gets up, and starts dancing around while singing. It's a pretty faithful version, except that where Bonham screamed the "everything's fine" line, Jill's holding back. Which she kind of has to after all the grief she's gotten about her screaming in the past. Also, all the bopping around is kind of getting her out of breath, and her vocal performance suffers as a result. On the last chorus she screams "everything's fine!" in full voice, leaping right off the stage on the second one. No stage dive; she goes boots-first, into a crowd that has obligingly parted for her. This catches Dave and Gilby unawares; Dave points and goes, "Whoa!" while Gilby's head jerks around to see what he's missing. Jill sings the last line directly into the audience-cam. You know what would have made that performance perfect? If Jill had stepped on the shaker thingy she'd tossed and went ass over teakettle. "Everything's FII-aah-UCK!"

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