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You know what's cuter than a cute baby? A cute baby wearing giant headphones. That's the sight we're treated to upon return from commercial, as Mrs. Magni and son are now positioned in an aisle seat. I assume the cans are for the tot's ear protection, as they don't appear to be plugged into anything. Also, the kid's holding them on his head for dear life, which is something I've never seen anyone under the age of one do for more than three seconds at a time. This is by way of introduction for Magni, who's singing "Dolphin's Cry" by Live. Magni strums his acoustic guitar once, then puts a finger to his smiling lips. It's very cute. "Shh, my kid's here," he seems to be saying. And he starts in on the first proper solo-acoustic performance of the season. He sounds really good, all strong-voiced and intense-eyed. His son, sadly, doesn't realize how cool his dad is being right now. That'll come soon. Let's just hope the contest is over for Magni before the kid grows out of it.

Dave congratulates Magni on his "amazing" performance. "Dude," Tommy obviouses, "your family's here!" Tommy asks him how the visit has been, and Magni thinks about saying something actually descriptive for a second before giving up and gushing that it's "Awesome, great, phenomenal, it saved my life, thank you." Gilby tells him his performance was really good, and that he "inspired everybody." Why isn't my description of it longer, then?

Patrice is next, and she's all guitared-up again. Also, she needs to bite the bullet and get a damn haircut, because the side-ponytails she's failing to rock tonight just make her look like a cocker spaniel. As she sings John Lennon's "Instant Karma," she smiles too much and bugs her eyes out does the old Patrice vocal thing all over again. About the only noteworthy thing that happens is that before the last chorus, she picks up the microphone stand with one hand, carries it to the end of the runway while singing, and finishes up from out there. There's a nice hero shot from behind her on stage left, where she's just out there alone with her guitar, mic stand, and a sea of clapping hands surrounding her. Not much else to say, really. It's Patrice. You've seen this movie.

Dave tells Patrice that she made an excellent song choice, telling her it was "terrific" and the crowd loved it. Whatever, they love everything except helpful criticism. Patrice says that she appreciates it anyway. Gilby remarks that it must have been disappointing to end up in the bottom three the past couple of weeks, and comments that he thinks it was undeserved last week. As for tonight, he babbles that she took the song to the next level, good song choice, blah blah blah. Commercials!

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