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As for Dave's opinion, Toby had him and then he lost him with the megaphone. Over the boos, Dave says that he's seen it a million times, and that Toby doesn't need a "prop." Toby says he was trying to show them that he can make an old song fresh for Supernova, which Tommy says he appreciates. Too bad about failing to make an old gimmick fresh. Jason was fine with it, though, and admits, "Tricks are cool a little bit at a time." Gilby says that it's nice to see that Toby wants it. Toby says he does, indeed. Which makes me wonder how he got through that whole conversation without any annoying Aussie-isms dropped in for their benefit. Brooke does her thing one last time, and opens up the voting.

Initial bottom three? It's Jill, Zayra, and Patrice. And no, they didn't use the same footage from a previous week for this, because Brooke is still wearing this week's outfit. She also claims she "couldn't say goodnight without a huge thanks to our House Band." I don't know, she's managed it plenty of times before. Anyway, thanks, House Band! Oh, and as for their homework assignment of writing words and melodies to a Supernova track, there was no mention of that tonight. If you want to see how it turned out, you're going to have to look into one of those webisode thingies that Brooke is always going on about. I can tell you right now that nobody won. Worse yet, nobody lost.


Brooke does some more ominous envelope-waving, promising that tonight, Supernova "will send the sixth rocker packing." And then some. But I'm getting ahead of myself. After the intros, Brooke claims that last night's performances still give her goosebumps. Whatever. I think that for Brooke to experience goosebumps outside of a swimsuit shoot, she would have to actually experience some emotion, which I'm not buying. In any case, it's merely a segue into some Mansion footage.

So one day last week, the Supernovices were dining al fresco when Gilby rolled up on his motorcycle. Dilana in particular is excited to see him, jumping up and down and generally making even more of a dork of herself than the purple sleep mask pushed up on her forehead already is. Gilby announces that he has "a present for the final ten." Which he obviously didn't bring on his motorcycle, because that would be a pretty small gift. Instead, he leads the Supernovices into a room with ten Gibson electric guitars all set up on stands, in every color and model. Gilby tells them they already have names on them. I don't know who got stuck with the Flying V, but interestingly, Storm got a bass. She hugs it like it's a teddy bear. A very hard, very noisy teddy bear. Which seems like it would be about Storm's speed.

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