An Owl In A Thornbush

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We're On A Mission From Caesar

Night again. Outside Julii Cooper's compound, a guy with a torch stands at the far end of the street. A female servant waves to him, and then signals for Octavia -- who's been waiting just inside the door with a shawl over her head -- to come out. She hurries off to what is no doubt some illicit assignation with her husband.

Julii Cooper reclines in bed as the old-lady servant comes to report that Octavia's snapped her leash. "I'll put a stop to this nonsense," Julii Cooper spits angrily. Timon, wearing nothing but this weird leather harness, enters and starts to crawl on top of Julii. But she pushes him off her naked boob and sends him off with another job to do. I wonder if he's charging interest.

Octavia and Glabius have met up at some secret place. Which really isn't all that secret, considering that in addition to the boy that Julii Cooper's servant sent to follow them peeking around the corner, there are, like, a dozen servants there. Octavia worries that Glabius hasn't left the city, given his well-known loyalty to Pompey. Glabius promises that he'll be gone by morning, but says he wanted to see her first. And we soon find out what he means by "see," as a tubby little boy dressed as Cupid leads them to a back room, where they are soon seen rolling around naked. Cupid isn't with them any more by this point, of course. At least in the literal sense. Oh, and we can tell their love for each other is pure because they're not making all kinds of weird noises and inventing new positions and shit.

Later, Glabius and a couple of his guys come out of the building just in time to see a noisy mob run past. He's about to head in the other direction, but his path is immediately blocked by Timon and a few torch-bearing henchmen. Glabius turns to head in the other direction, but quickly finds that route blocked as well. He pulls his purse off his belt and tosses it to Timon, saying, "That's all I have." Timon: "Thank you. But this is not a robbery." Glabius realizes Julii Cooper is behind this. Without confirming or denying, Timon says, "I'll give you a moment if there are gods you'd like to speak to." Glabius just asks that his men be allowed to live, but Timon smirks that he has his orders. Glabius asks one of his guys for his sword, and Timon watches calmly while Glabius arms himself. And his calm is well-founded, as Glabius charges his assassin with his sword arm drawn back for a mighty swing. Which he never gets to make, because he's left himself totally open for Timon to stab him viciously in the gut. Glabius falls to the ground. And now one of the guys whose life he begged for doesn't even have a weapon to defend himself. Nice going there, dudeus.

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