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Screw My Mother-In-Law

And then Julii Cooper runs straight to Merula to give her the exciting news. "Where's Octavia?" she asks.

Getting fucked by Agrippa, as it happens, because two sex acts in one episode aren't nearly enough. And we're not even done yet.

Timon's praying at temple when Levi joins him. It seems kind of rude for them to whisper conspiracy at each other at a time like this, but Levi has heard that Antony's wedding is the next day, and that Herod will be there. Timon protests that all manner of other people will be there as well, including soldiers. Levi says that they'll all be watching the bride and groom, giving them easy access to Herod. "Who knows," Levi speculates. "If the crowd's thick enough, we might even make it out alive." Timon darkly smiles that there's absolutely no fucking way: "We'll be hacked to pieces quick as Pan." Still, they agree to make their move tomorrow, and Timon sighs sadly.

Cut to dinner at the table of Timon, with his family and his kids. He looks around the room, expecting this to be his last supper, if you'll excuse the expression.

Vorena shuffles through some papers on her father's desk. I don't know what she expects to learn from them; everything's in Latin. Vorenus busts her, coming in and asking her what's up. She claims that she was looking for him. Under the papers? Vorenus asks if she's feverish or something, and she anachronistically says, "No, no, I'm good." She quickly comes up with a lame cover story about her sister needing a new dress, and Vorenus gives her some change out of the coin box. "She grows like mustard, hm?" he pleasantly remarks. I assume that he's referring to the actual plant, and not the stuff in my fridge that comes in a bottle that I have to wipe a yellow scab off the top of before putting it on my sandwich. That wouldn't be very nice. Vorena starts to leave, but Vorenus calls her back for a kiss to his cheek. And then he watches her go, wondering what she's up to.

Octavian is not wondering what his mother's up to at all, because he knows; he's watching from the shadows as his mother has sex with Antony. Fucked up. They finish, and Octavian leaves, not wanting to be nosy or anything. Antony tells Julii Cooper that they need to talk. She heartily agrees, and starts in on a litany of stuff she wants. First, she wants to take a break from sex until their wedding, to make their wedding night more special. This scene is either out of sequence, or these two never skip a day; we already know that the wedding is tomorrow. Next on Julii Cooper's agenda is redecorating Antony's villa, selling any slaves he's fucked, and where the hell is her wedding gift? "I need to talk," Antony clarifies. Heh.

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