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Discretion is clearly not what this is about, because the loud chanting is coming from Servilia. She's kneeling in the street in front of Julii Cooper's front door in a plain gray shift with her hair hanging loose, repeating her petition over and over and waving her arms while her slave holds a bag full of ashes and sprinkles them over her head. With Merula at her side, Julii goes to the front door and looks through the peephole, which, because this was before anyone could even make a decent mirror let alone a fisheye lens, is roughly the size of her whole entire face. Still, it's unclear whether Servilia sees her or not, as her moaning goes on with no change in tone. Julii Cooper slams the hatch shut and tells Merula that they're not going to do anything; they'll ignore Servilia and eventually she'll go away. Just as Julii Cooper will eventually stop underestimating Servilia.

Across town, at the Aventine Collegium, Eirene is crashed out on her and Pullo's bed. Pullo comes in and tries to coax her into getting up. Dude, cut the preglant lady some slack. She promises to rise soon, and of course now that they're on the bed together, Pullo's rising already. Eirene puts him off, saying that the priests in her country forbid sex once the baby starts moving. Pullo's pleasure at hearing that something is alive in there easily overrides his disappointment at not getting any for the moment. They clasp their hands together over her swelling belly, happy and content. This marriage is doomed.

Vorenus is hosting a sitdown with Memmio in his office. Mascius is acting as Vorenus's second for the meeting, and as his own second, Memmio has brought Vorena the Elder's admirer. He's the guy I called Greasius in the previous recap, but later we'll learn that his name is actually Omnipor. That name might be even better, especially since his hair has improved. The particulars of the negotiation aren't actually relevant -- something about Vorenus wanting to use some of Memmio's berths to unload ships at the Ostian docks -- except inasmuch as they mean that Mascius is leaving Rome for a while as of today. Bye, Mascius. At least now he gets to be the Aventine's #1 man in Ostia.

On Memmio's way out of the building, he and Omnipor encounter Vorena the Elder on her way in. Not a word passes between any of them, but Omnipor smiles shyly at her and drops the tiny wicker sword he'd been weaving during the meeting. Clearly, Vorena's not too put off by the fact that her suitor turns out to be working with Memmio. Once the men have gone, Vorena retrieves it from the floor and smiles. Returning to her bedchamber, she pulls a case out from under her bed containing a growing collection of these totems, including the original Blair Witch couple that was Omnipor's first present to her. Vorena kisses this one before returning it to the box with the rest. Aw, the gift of useless clutter.

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