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Screw My Mother-In-Law

Later, Pullo heads downstairs to the kitchen to find Gaia. She doesn't seem too terrified at the sight of the whip in his hand, and makes him remind her that she disrespected Eirene: "She's lady of this house. You're just a damn slave." He reaches for Gaia's arm to get started, but Gaia makes the excuse that she sometimes forgets Eirene is married to the boss. "She's such a mouse of a woman, and you're such a lion of a man," she says as seductively and straight-faced as she can. She comes around the table all sexy-like, saying that she'll take her whipping: "But you got to treat me nice first." This is just pissing Pullo off. She asks him what he thinks Mascius will do. Pullo says that Mascius does what Pullo says, and she responds, no, Mascius does what she says. "More fool him, then," says Pullo, and makes another grab for her. Out of arguments, Gaia starts putting up a fight, kicking and scratching and smashing earthenware jars of food on him. Finally, he gets her locked up helpless in his arms and asks him, "What are you going to do now, eh?" Kiss him, of course. Then Pullo kisses her back, hard. Gaia takes a bite out of Pullo's lip and gets free enough to smash more pottery on him. While he's trying to subdue her again, Gaia grabs him by the nuts and head-butts him. He grabs her throat and throws her flat on the table. And from there it's hard to tell when the fighting stops and the fucking starts. Gaia laughs; this is exactly how she planned it. Or she wonders what the hell Pullo thinks he's doing with his tunic still down. Or else she just thinks rape is hilarious.

Upstairs, Eirene is drying dishes. How many kitchens does this place have?

Downstairs, Pullo finishes. Or so he thinks. Gaia laughs again, asks him, "Is that all you got?" and goes upside his head with another pot. So he flips her over, runs his whip between her teeth like a horse's bit, and does her roughly from behind, pulling her head back hard. Except for the fact that you can't actually see any naughty bits, I feel like I'm recapping porn and it kind of makes me uncomfortable. Let's just get through this, okay? Pretend I'm not here, and I'll pretend you're not either. It'll be over in a minute. Things drip on the broken shards on the floor. I really hope it's food. Pullo finally collapses onto Gaia's back amid much panting from both of them. He tells her, "This was a mistake. This never happens again." She naughtily says that he might need to keep her in line again. Transferring his guilt into anger at her, Pullo warns Gaia not to test him. Knowing exactly what he's doing, she asks, "Where's it say that a man can't have his slaves if he wants them?" "I can kill them too if I want," Pullo replies. Gaia agrees that he can do whatever he likes. He takes a nibble of her earlobe (without drawing blood, I feel obliged to mention) and climbs off, leaving her panting there, still face-down on the table. You still respect me, don't you?

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