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Pompey's Circumstance

Niobe is doing some ancient Roman cooking when Lyde comes in. There's some tension-filled dialogue where Lyde compliments the new décor, and Niobe asks her sister if she needs money. "Turns out your man backed the right horse," Lyde snots. Someone hasn't been paying attention to the news. Or, more likely, this scene was supposed to go elsewhere. Oops. Niobe says she doesn't know if Vorenus is alive or dead. Lyde apologizes, and says she's tired of being mad at Niobe: "You're all I've got." Tearful embrace. Well, that was the shortest freeze-out ever. Just long enough for Vorenus and Niobe to have some good sex. Mind you don't piss her off again, Niobe.

Ooh, now this is a pretty shot. Off in the distance, Pullo is hip-deep in the surf, working his way along the shoreline and making like Rupert with a sharpened stick. Angry storm clouds billow behind him as the camera tracks to follow, until our view of him is cut off by Vorenus in the near foreground, sitting on the beach and scratching at a flat stone with his short sword. As Pullo fishes back into view, Vorenus calls out that they'll die of thirst before hunger. Crestfallen, Pullo comes back in, suggesting that they could drink the blood of the dead men who washed up before them. I'm sure Vorenus would have some philosophical or moral objection to this, but he merely tells Pullo that it would be too salty, and is probably past its sell-by date anyway. Pullo finds a sword belt and straps it on, saying, "Everything will be fine." Vorenus looks irritated that Pullo didn't get the memo. "This is where we die," he insists. Pullo asks what Vorenus is writing, and Vorenus says it's a message to Niobe. Pullo thinks that's a good idea, and asks him to say hi to J. No for him as well. "If there's space," Vorenus mutters. Nice. Probably the only rock on the island, too.

Octavia's getting all prettied up to go to Servilia's house. It's not like that, though. Not yet, anyway. Julii Cooper comes in and comments on her efforts (well, the slaves' efforts), and Octavia says, "If I am to be a beggar, I will not look like one." Julii Cooper says she's not complaining, even though Octavia will remind Servilia "what an old trout she's become." She says she's just glad to see Octavia looking nice, "for once," adding, "You do so often insist on playing the frump." As Julii Cooper leaves, Octavia wonders why she ever does anything nice for her mother at all.

When Octavia arrives at Servilia's house, they make a bit of small talk about each other's families before Octavia says she's been sent to ask a favor. She says that Julii Cooper is worried about what will happen after the upcoming battle in Greece. "Understandably," Servilia says. "She has enjoyed her ascendancy a little too well." Octavia asks Servilia to loan them some muscle. Barely hesitating, Servilia agrees and orders one of her slaves to go and make it so. Octavia thanks her, and starts to say that this wasn't her idea, but Servilia simply says, "She shall have what she needs." Servilia's generosity moves Octavia to tears. Lots of them, actually, as she sobs freely that the Coopers don't deserve Servilia's kindness. Octavia tries to pull herself together. "I must look a fright," she says. Servilia, now kneeling in front of Octavia's seat, jokingly agrees, and then assures her she looks lovely. Octavia decides it's time to go, and gets up to leave. "My mother will be worried," she lies when Servilia comments on the brevity of the visit. As Octavia stands there, Servilia rises and walks to her slowly, gazing deeply into her soul with an expression that looks rather like lust. Octavia appears not unaffected by the scrutiny, and even less unaffected when Servilia pulls her into an embrace that is more than an auntly one. Plus it goes on forever, which is always good recappin.' Hug, hug, hug. The sultry bassoons of the Seductive Wiles of an Older Woman tootle on the soundtrack as Octavia wonders what just happened. "Thank you," she says into Servilia's frank stare, and heads on out of there. Uh, she'll be in her bunk.

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