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Shall I Loot A Peach?
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Brutus and Cassius are marching with their army through northern Greece. Cassius is multitasking, riding along with some sort of miniature traveling desk on the saddle in front of him while also stressing about how much food they're going through. Brutus cheerfully says that he's been talking to their men. All 100,000 of them? "They had no idea Greece was so large," he grins Britshly. I imagine almost any country is large if you have to walk across it. Brutus teases Cassius about making them march on, and Cassius grumbles that they have to find "good ground." He doesn't want to be buried just anywhere (spoiler!). When Brutus remarks that the men are amiable enough (just what you want in an army of mercenary killers), Cassius calls them "ravening, potbellied whore-scum. I hope they fight as well as they eat." Well, yeah, this many men on this long a march will consume a lot of provisions. It's like if somebody took charge of Woodstock and told everyone, "Okay, for the next performer, we're all walking to Indianapolis." Brutus tries to cheer up his old co-conspirator by raising his eyes to the spectacle of the huge column of soldiers on the road before and behind them. "I see only a hundred thousand mouths to feed," Cassius grumps. Brutus reminds him that they're saving the Republic. Oh, who hasn't saved the Republic several times on this show by now? Everyone talks about how great the Republic is, but with all the saving it's constantly in need of, I'm starting to see the "Republic" as this helpless, dizzy chick that's always getting tied to train tracks and menaced by cougars. Shut up, "Republic."

Mark Antony's camp in Cisalpine Gaul. In his tent with Lepidus, Posca, Octavian, Agrippa, and Maecenas (the tent's a bit crowded), Antony is looking over a map and suggesting the brilliant stratagem of taking Brutus by surprise. As in, he expects that Brutus will be surprised to find himself facing both Octavian's army and his own. Octavian is too busy writing on a clay tablet to be impressed, even if this wasn't already completely obvious to him, which it is. He closes the tablet, the heavy wooden case of which is adorned with a medallion of his sphinx seal, and hands it to Mark Antony, saying that it's a list of supporters Brutus still has in Rome, and suggesting, "We should kill them before they learn what we're about." "You are a ferocious little cunt...with a pen," Antony tells Octavian, who we can see isn't taking this lightly because he's now got his back to the rest of the men and is rubbing his face unhappily. Poor little Stalinist. Lepidus protests that the list includes "the finest men in Rome. Some of them [Lepidus's] good friends." "Their money will be useful as well," Maecenas calmly points out. Lepidus tells Mark Antony to explain why this won't happen. After a pause, and another look at the list, Antony weighs in: "Cicero is the cleverest bastard of them all and the one with the largest network of spies. He must die first." Not at all personal, I'm sure. Lepidus sits in shock as Antony decides to add a few names of his own. Octavian says that he'll go tell everyone that he plans to head east alone, and Antony says that when they return to Rome, he'll go ahead as well and leave Lepidus behind to keep the peace (and also to not desert to Brutus's side, although he doesn't say that).

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