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Shall I Loot A Peach?

At the Aventine Collegium, Gaia's giving Vorena the Elder a bit of a makeover. Fun's over, though, when Vorenus comes along and sees what's happening. "Wash that off at once," he orders, and Vorena hurries off to comply. Gaia asks what the big deal is, and Vorenus tells her, "Paint yourself as you wish. Stay away from my daughter." To Mascius, who's been lounging nearby this whole time, Vorenus gives orders to have the other Collegia captains meet there today. Scooping up Little Lucius, Vorenus leaves the room. As Mascius gets up to follow him out, Gaia sarcastically thanks him for sticking up for her. He tells her, "Shut up. He's captain, she's his daughter. He says don't paint her, don't fucking paint her." "Spoken like a true third man," sasses Gaia. Mascius comes right back at her, warning her, "Be careful, slave. I have my limits." She keeps pushing, he may be forced to kill her (as yet nonexistent) fiancé and then marry her.

Meanwhile, Vorena the Elder has found a quiet corner to scrub the blush off her face with her dry shawl. Jeez, he said wash, not scour. Get a few more tears in there, girl.

At the captains' meeting, that heavy tablet with Octavian's seal on it is now in Vorenus's hands, and he's already divvied up the names and had lists of ten passed out to each of the rest of the captains. Which is quite a feat, considering that there were about five names when we saw the list earlier. Antony's a prolific cuss. Of the people on each list, Vorenus tells the bosses, "You've been given license to kill them and take of theirs what you and your men can carry." In other words, this assignment isn't pricking his conscience in the least. I don't get him sometimes. When someone asks on whose authority these killings are being ordered, he says it's by order of Octavian Caesar. Surprisingly, the asker doesn't end up with the imprint of a sphinx in his forehead. Some of the bosses start complaining about the way the list has been divided, but Vorenus is momentarily too distracted by his kids running past on their way outside to get too pissed off about it. "Try to keep them out of the mud," he tells Vorena the Elder of the other two children. An aged chaperone is with them as well, but we'll see how useless she is soon enough.

Outside, of course, Lucius goes right into the mud, while Vorena yells at him to come out. The little group is noticed by a shaven-headed man in the crowded plaza outside, who goes up to another man with about an entire pig's worth of grease in his hair, and tells him, "That's the one." Greasius makes his move, approaching Vorena the Elder from behind. Addressing her as "Lady," he asks for directions to some temple or other, but stops when she turns to face him, as if her beauty has struck him even dumber. Vorena gets all self-conscious, so the accented chaperone intervenes and tells him, "Vai. Vai, you don't talk. Vai." She'd be more intimidating if she made any damn sense. She hurries the Younger Vorenii off, leaving Greasius to find his temple his own damn self.

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