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Shall I Loot A Peach?

Inside the Collegium, the fight over spoils is still in full swing, while Pullo distractedly doodles on his table with a bit of chalk. His subject? A sword and the number XIII. Thinking about the old days, are we? Finally, Vorenus puts a lid on the bickering, asking the bosses which of them has ever seen as much money as they're going to be making from the upcoming purge, demanding of them, "What shall we do with all this wealth?" One guy cackles, but Vorenus says that he's serious. Memmio realizes that Vorenus already has a plan, and indeed Vorenus does. He says that the Feast of Pomona is coming up, and tells them that, back in the day, the Collegia used to distribute fish and bread to the people on the occasion. Not-Memmio asks why they would bother. Vorenus says that the Collegia used to be like part of the community, and should be so again. Memmio says that was the old days: "Things change, brother." Vorenus agrees, and says that things are changing now. "Whoever wins in Greece wins Rome. Some kind of peace will follow. Peace is no friend to men like us -- men who thrive on blood and anarchy." This gets Pullo's attention, of course. Vorenus concludes, "The Collegia must change, or they'll die." He's still getting resistance, so he picks up Octavian's tablet and heads upstairs to his office. As he goes, he says that the rest of them can do whatever they want, but that he's going to be handing out loaves and fishes like a messianic mofo. One of the guys complains that Vorenus is only doing this to make the rest of them look bad. "For that you need no help from me," Vorenus no-brainers. It's Memmio who stops Vorenus on his way up the stairs, saying that Vorenus is right: "We shall be charitable, we shall be large. Let us feed the people. By all means, goodwill." Vorenus nods, satisfied, and ducks into his office, apparently having completely forgotten what happened the last time Memmio suddenly came around to his point of view.

Out on the plaza, Greasius has apparently given up his nonexistent search for the Temple of Whatever, and is now busy weaving a little Blair Witch couple out of wicker. He whistles to Little Lucius and beckons him over, whispering in the boy's ear and handing him the item. Little Lucius scampers back over and gives it to his oldest sister as the chaperone naps with her head leaning against the wall. One job, this lady has. Upon receiving the gift, Vorena glances over at Greasius, who gives a little smile and nod. Enchanted by the man's gift, his kind expression, and his four pointy bangs, Vorena returns the gesture shyly, and then turns away to say something to her sister. But when she turns back, Greasius is gone. Probably slid right through a crack in the wall he was leaning against.

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