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Shall I Loot A Peach?

After the captains' meeting has been adjourned, Memmio and Not-Memmio are walking up that giant staircase out of the neighborhood. Not-Memmio asks why Memmio backed Vorenus, and Memmio expansively tells him, "He's a man of vision...It's our duty as Romans to back him. And?" This last is directed at Greasius, who's been waiting for Memmio on the stairs. "It's done," Greasius tells Memmio, who smiles and continues his ascent. Sounds like Memmio has an evil plan, not that we'll find out what it is this week.

To underscore the point, Pullo is remarking to Vorenus that Memmio's untrustworthy. "Too smooth by half," he assesses, and Vorenus agrees. First things first, though. He tells Pullo to take care of Cicero, directing him to Cicero's villa in Tusculum: "They want it done quick." Pullo says that he'll get his stuff and go. Vorenus tells him no looting: "We'll show some respect." Much as Cicero showed Vorenus when Caesar appointed Vorenus as a Senator. Good times.

A bit later, Pullo's all set to go except for a stop in the kitchen to stuff some lunch in his knapsack. As he sets his sword on the counter, Gaia saunters in, commenting on the weapon's sharpness. "Don't touch that," Pullo says, a little sharply himself. She tries to make conversation, but he's not interested: "I know your game, I don't want any part of it." So Gaia takes his hand and runs it up the inside of her naked thigh, telling him, "Too bad. It's a good game." Subtle, this girl. Pullo continues to rebuff her advances: "Don't flatter yourself. We're done." He leaves her there. Good thing he got over his little crush, too, because Eirene has just shown up and has witnessed this little moment unobserved. As Pullo's about to head out, Eirene emerges from the shadows to ask what Gaia wanted. "Oh, nothing," says Pullo. "You know her." Indeed Eirene does. She asks where Pullo's going, and says he's off for the day for some work. He invites her to come along: "Lovely country where I'm going." Just then Vorenus comes out of his upper office, and Pullo suggests to him, "Why don't we all go?"

Cut to a shot of a picnic blanket being spread out under the sun in a beautiful clearing. It's idyllic and sunny and perfect, with Vorenus and all the kids and even Lyde along for the trip. Hey, if you have to do a hit, there's no sense in wasting the opportunity to turn it into a family picnic. Pullo takes his leave of the group, even though Eirene asks him not to. I think she's trying to foreshadow again, but she doesn't have the knack of it yet. He mounts up, telling them to save him some chicken: "Otherwise I'm eating Lucius when I get back." I assume he means the little one, although who knows how far his relationship with Vorenus has progressed off-camera? He rides off down the road at a walk, two slaves behind him on foot.

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