Son Of Hades

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Heir Heads

Back to Octavian's bedroom. Octavia's there, and so is Julii Cooper, but the former occupant is gone, having left behind a letter. As Julii Cooper sits on his bed and reads it, we hear him say in voice-over that he's writing to say farewell, because he's leaving Rome. But he still thinks she's wrong, and he's still determined to go into politics. As Octavian says where he's going and who he's staying with when he gets there (which I'm not going to bother looking up the spelling of either proper noun, since he's almost certainly lying anyway), we cut to Octavian in a soldier's armor, on horseback leading a small detachment of foot soldiers. The little party travels along the city walls, passing a party of slaves being driven along on foot. There's also a caged cart with cloth hanging inside the bars, so we can't see inside. Fortunately, the camera takes us within to show us some of the dirty, dispirited occupants. And those occupants include Niobe's sister, Vorena the Elder, Vorena the Younger, and, last but not least, Little Lucius. But Erastes said he killed them! I guess you can't trust anyone any more.

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