Testudo Et Lepus (The Tortoise And The Hare)

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A New Man

Yet another subtitle tells us that we're in "Province of Asia (Western Turkey)" as the camera pans over rows and rows of tents in a huge army camp. Inside one of the tents, we're getting a quick update on how things are going with Brutus and Cassius. Long story short: they've managed to raise nine legions with 25,000 infantry and 10,000 cavalry. I have absolutely no idea how. "Almost a match for Antony," Cassius assesses. Of course, they'll have to catch Antony first. Brutus, now shorn and shaved, is getting fitted for a new set of armor. Cassius tells him that he looks magnificent. He even suggests that Brutus have his portrait done. "No time for such vanity," Brutus scoffs, flattered nonetheless. Cassius remarks, "It would please your mother," lest we forget whom he's been working for all this time. Brutus chuckles that it would indeed. He should go for it. Servilia's going to need some cheering up pretty soon.

Servilia is currently in the midst of some very intense prayer session, attended by two shaven-headed slave girls. They lead her to kneel before an altar and idol and leave her there praying. She's so into her devotions that she's unaware that Timon and another very rough-looking man have crept in behind her. She's clueless until they throw the black bag over her head. Prayer time's over.

Cut to Servilia on her knees again, but now her hands are tied behind her back and she's in some dreary dungeon beneath the house of the Julii. Julii Cooper comes downstairs and sits down in front of the hooded figure, saying, "You know why you're here, don't you?" Servilia just says, "Atia," and no more. "Your boy confessed everything," Julii Cooper tells her, causing Timon to roll his eyes discreetly. She asks Servilia if she's afraid to speak, and then whips the bag off her head. Servilia's eyes pop open. She looks pissed. Julii Cooper comments that it wasn't always this way. "'A slow and painful death.' That's what you promised me." Servilia says that's what Julii Cooper deserves: "I think you're a sad, lonely little creature. I think at this moment you're more afraid than I am." I'd be even more impressed with Servilia's gumption if this whole feud hadn't started over Julii Cooper making Servilia's boyfriend break up with her. Julii Cooper insists that she's never been happier. Servilia tells Julii Cooper to kill her, then. Julii Cooper says that she will, as soon as Servilia kisses her feet and begs her to. "Do as you like," Servilia challenges, and Julii Cooper calls Timon over. Servilia makes her big speech to Julii Cooper: "You think it's me you degrade now, but it's not. It's you. As long as you live, you will feel degraded and defiled by this. You." She's talking to Julii Cooper, but it's Timon who's hearing it, looking miserable and lost as he looms behind her. I'm completely blown away that this character who started out as a secondary thug is suddenly stealing a scene from Servilia, of all people. But that's not enough to stop him from obeying when Julii Cooper tells him to get on with it. He beckons a man, who drops his codpiece as Servilia is forced to her hands and knees.

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